Tuesday 4th February

I love my placement so much, I really do feel part of the media industry world… I’m just about Media Media Media! Today I had one of the best days at placement, I got in and was assigned my computer, opened key note and carried on developing feature ideas.

My placement are strict on maintaining their standards and for every presentation they make they always make sure F.A.C.E is present. However when I started creating this pitch I didn’t abide by using the master slides and if I’m honest I forgot too include them. For those of you who don’t know what a master slide on KeyNote is, it’s a slide which defines the slide attributes such as title, body text box layouts and default font styles; the slide background etc. Undoubtedly my placement have their own, so today I copied the master slides from a different Keynote presentation and applied them to my KeyNote document as well as beginning to apply the acronym F.A.C.E.

Making sure everything has face is a real pain as it takes so long, my aim for today was to finish all the slides I have started so that tomorrow I can work on the audience. I’m really getting  into the project now as I can see myself doing this in the future. 

After lunch I had a meeting on social media with the content director as the last 5 diary entries I have posted I have been at my placement for my module Creative Industries & Professional Practice I have taken at university as not only in businesses but as a citizen you need to be careful with what you post on social media as it can really damage a business reputation as well as an individuals. A stupid comment is all it takes so when using social media especially when having to maintain confidentiality contracts you have to be smart with what you publish. 

From the meeting I came away with the golden rule that as long as there is no mentioning of names and any anything you disclose regarding a company i.e. my placement is taken off the company’s website is acceptable as that does not break any social media policy due to already being publicly posted.

I then started to create my checklist to make sure F.A.C.E was being applied, such as in the consistency section I had listed to make sure when using bullet points I would leave a space, then compose the first word and made sure I would use the same type of bullet point for each slide. When looking at how the organisation could improve their use of social media I made sure that there were no mistakes when writing the word Twitter and made sure that every time it was written it was spelled with a capital T. My placement have their own strategy of when using KeyNote to highlight text using the same colour as their logo so that the slide looks appealing and engaging, I made sure that I used the same colour density for every highlighted word throughout the document as well as making sure all font was the same and same size.  

That’s it for today, it’s all I managed to complete I’ll see you tomorrow… 

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