Also posted in…

Hey Guys,

I am not sure if I have clarified the whole… 
‘Also posted in…’ at the bottom of some blog posts :/ 
I’ll explain it now to clarify any confusion:) When I first started blogging, I just wrote about random facts and it was called, then when I went to my placement, (I work in publishing) one of the editors said you need to find the Rosaness in you as I explained in this blog post, I decided that I needed to sit down and decide what my passions are and what I really enjoy… in the thought process I concluded the following 4 things
1. I want to get into fashion
2. I love watching films and going to the cinema, not for the popcorn!
3. I love my work placement
4. I love writing about things I think of and my life


Why not do all 4?! Each blog post I write here I post in my main blog the one where anything goes so if you would like to visit my other blogs the links are below