More Magazine Issue 7th January 2013

The article that Michelle Dewberry wrote for this issue is pure gold, so many of us struggle to write a CV and here she has summed up for us how to make ours stand out from the crowd… 

How to make your CV sparkle…

Don’t ignore the skills section on your CV, say Michelle. It can make yours stand out from the crowd…

Every week dozens of you email me to ask how can you improve your CV. One of the most common questions is : ‘How can I sell myself more effectively?’ One great way to make sure your CV gets noticed is to included a dedicated section for ‘skills’. Obviously your education and recent employment history speak about who we are, but explaining your leadership, IT, or practical skills in more detail will make your CV stand out. To get an interview, every section needs to be strong to keep employers reading until the end. So although the skills part bit might be further down your two-page CV, here’s how to make it sparkle…

Identify your strengths

It amazes me how many people are negative about themselves and say, ‘But I don’t have any skills to put on my CV!’ Even when you’re trying to make your first career move, you’ll have lots of qualities you can transfer to any workplace. Start by thinking about what you do in your spare time. It might be that you helped your mum at a car – boot sale every Saturday. On your CV, explain that you have to be punctual, organised and able to promote your goods. You might also have to adjust your prices depending on the weather and how many other sellers there are on the day, all great skills that are the basis for a job in sales or retail.

Speak to your reader

Unlike other parts of your CV, the skills section is an area where you can speak to a potential employer. Don’t use bullet points. Pick four key skills and write a sentence about each. You must demonstrate why you have these abilities. If you have leadership skills, explain what you’ve done that backs up your point. You might be a team leader on Saturdays at a youth club or have led others in a presentation. If that’s the case, say so. 

Avoid Cheese

Bosses have seen the words ‘I’m a team player’ or ‘I have excellent organisational skills’ written a gazillion times. Avoid these – they aren’t selling your personal skills. All jobs require you to work with others, so being a ‘team player’ is a given. If your explaining the context as I’ve advised above, then this will help you avoid obvious phrases. 

Make it relevant

You might be a world champion beatboxer, but if you’re applying for a job as a chartered surveyor, that’s not going to help you get the job. Every time you apply for a different role with a different employer, try to tweak your CV to make it as applicable to the specific job as possible. 

It’s not all about work

Lot’s of your abilities will be gained outside your workplace. When I got a job working for Sky News’s breakfast show, I wanted to boost my knowledge of politics and history. So I went and did a Saturday course that covered how parliament works and the history of women’s rights. My employer hadn’t asked for this, but it made me feel confident when talking about current affairs. 

Get some new skills

You should always be looking to find ways to add to your skill bank. For example, volunteering for a charity that means something to you is deeply fulfilling. You’re giving something back, but you will also be gaining wider experience you can add to your CV, particularly when you commit to volunteering on a regular basis. 

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article ‘How to make your CV Sparkle By Michelle Dewberry’  in Issue 7th January 2013, I did not write this!)

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More Magazine Issue 12th November 2012

This issue has a double spread page packed with tips on how to get us that job by ticking all the right boxes…

Let’s get you these tips, I’m super excited 



Now you’re one step closer to that dream job, here’s how to nail it…

So you’re one of the lucky ones and have bagged yourself an interview for a fantastic job – well done you! Now you have the date in your diary, how can you make sure you don’t blow it and fall at the final hurdle? Read and learn…


First off, understand the company. Who are their customers? How does your role fit in with the business? Knowledge is power, and the more you understand about what you’re walking into, the more confident you’ll feel. Ask your friends if they know someone who works there. Can they give you any insider info?


If there are any questions that you may feel uncomfortable answering, such as why did you leave your last job, or why have you been unemployed for so long, then role-play them. Grab your bezzie and get her to play the boss. I still do this with my friends and it always works a treat


You probably hear this all the time but first impressions DO count. Make sure you look good and feel confident in what you wear. Also be aware of the environment you’re applying for. If it’s an office, dress more conservatively. If it’s for a fashion brand, feel free to be a bit quirky. And you don’t have to spend a fortune, either.


Don’t waffle when you’re talking and make sure you spend time thinking about answers. If you’re nervous, it’s ok to say so. You’re only human and try to remember that the people interviewing you were once sitting where you are now. 


Make sure you have one for yourself and at least two spare. Ask your interviewer(s) if they would like a copy as a refresher.


There’s nothing wrong with bringing in any notes you have made and referring to them at the interview. But only use them as an aid, not to read from.


If you feel yourself getting embarrassed, nervous or shy, squeeze your feet in your shoes to act as a little distraction for you.


Ask them if they have any reservations about you that they’d like to discuss before you leave. This is a powerful question. It gives them the opportunity to discuss something that may be bothering them, and you can help to solve any concerns they may have there and then. Also ask when you should expect to hear something back.



(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article ‘Ace that big interview without breaking a sweat By Michelle Dewberry’  in Issue 12th November 2012, I did not write this!)

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More Magazine Interview Tip No.2 Ask Questions!!!

Sometimes in an interview, there can be awkward moments of silence. You shouldn’t always feel the need to fill it, but if you do, then here are some good questions to ask:

– Ask about future plans for the position you’re applying for – how could you progress in the role?

– Without sounding to nosey, find out what the company’s long-term goals are. Does it have new projects in the pipeline?

If  you’ve done your homework on the perspective employer (which, of course you will have), you may have heard some industry news about them – for example, if they’re expanding into Europe, or they’ve appointed a new boss. Drop this into conversation.

– A good question to pose at the end of the interview is: ‘Do you have any reservations you can share with me about my skills or ability to do the job?’

(This information was taken from More Magazine Issue 1st October ‘Article Don’t let booze lead to work blues’ by Michelle Dewberry I did not write this!)

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More Magazine Interview Tip No.1 Be Confident, you can do it!!!

There was news last week that a whooping 9/10 of us admit to being low on self -esteem. The good news is that confidence is a state of mind. Here’s how to fake it in four different scenarios…

1 If an interview makes your knees knock, the trick is to be prepared. Rehearse answers and visualise a successful outcome.

2 On your first day in a new job, get up extra early to make sure you look and feel good – and you’re not late

3 If you’re doing a presentation, have the key points written down and get there in plenty of time to have a run through. Remember to really take your time with it and don’t rush

4 If you’re at a senior meeting, find something out about those present beforehand, so you have something to talk about, just keep it work related

(This information was taken from More Magazine Issue 23rd July Article The Results are in! What’s Next For You?’ I did not write this )

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