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In the last week and a half at university I’ve had a bit of a rough time 😦 Last Wednesday it was my first Bloggers Society meeting and life decided to slam another door in my face! No one turned up to my meeting apart from one girl who is still really interested but I’m going to try and not give up on this, I really wanted to be able to say, ‘I created my something during my time at university.’ I’m going to see if I can get an extension to get the minimum of 5 people interested. I’m really determined to create a society where people are happy, they want to come, share their opinions, hobbies via a blog and ultimately meet new people that WILL become new friends.

If I really can’t get this society started then I will have to give up on it:(, I really hope it doesn’t come to that. Hopefully this isn’t the last blog post for my society although I always said to myself if it didn’t work to join the university newspaper so I’ve joined that too so you know what they say, ‘When life closes a door another one opens.’

I’ve also been taking a module called Media Business and I’ll be brutally honest I’m not the most intelligent person you can come across, I have been finding this module to start off with really hard so I’ve decided to start making spider diagrams to really help me as shown in the picture below it’s quite helpful when I’ve simplified it all so I can keep looking back on it constantly. 

Media Business

I need to succeed this year I cannot fail myself because in 9 months when I throw my graduation hat up in the air and I’ve graduated I want to make my parents proud and most of all be proud of myself for changing myself to be the best that I can be and setting myself up to start a career that I’ve dreamed off since I was 6 years old!

I need to try at least! 


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Introducing my blogger society

I’ve been working hard at trying to get my society up and running and It takes so much organisation, determination and responsibility to create a society yourself. So far this is what I have done… 

-I have created a Facebook group page for all members of the society to join, this way it’s much easier to keep in touch and organise meetings and events within the society. Members can also post any issues they have and what they’re working on so I always have an overview on what’s happening in my society. 

-Secondly I made contact with all the members that signed up at the bloggers society and emailed them the following with a proposal. (Please note part of the email and proposal may have some blanks due to me not wanting to share my private details and information about the university I attend.)

This was the email everyone received from me…

Email Sent

This is the attachment attached to each email that I wanted each member to read before our first meeting…


In the meantime while I waited for responses I made this leaflet to try and recruit more people for the society and stuck it around university…


When the day for the meeting arrived, I also had to go to the constitution meeting beforehand where I would learn what being ‘Chair Person’ of a society meant and it was really good fun BUT it does entail a lot of responsibility. One exercise that the committee made us do was to imagine that we couldn’t run our society for a week and choose a Disney character that you would like to run it on your behalf. I chose Flick from Bug’s Life because when the ant hill was in trouble, he stepped in and ran it. 

After the constitution meeting, it was time for my first bloggers meeting where I was really excited to share my ideas, see what the other members wanted out of this society and ultimately start to create the blog, decide on a name and layout. Hopefully all this hard work will start to pay off… Eeekk:)! 

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OK Bye.

Hey Guys,

I don’t think I have mentioned this much BUT this year at university I’m determined to do as many extra things as possible. Now that all More Magazine tips have been blogged, it’s time for me to focus my energy on my blogger society which I have managed to create. I can now include on my CV President of the Blogger Society Eeeekkkk!!! It’s going to be tough it hasn’t even started and I have so much prep to do for it before our first meeting.

I was lucky enough to be able to have my own stall at my university Fresher’s Fair where I managed to recruit a further 6 people interested in joining.  

Blogger Stall

Although I need a minimum of 5 people to join & have 9 people including myself interested in my society I’m not going to stop there! The main campus doesn’t have a lot of the creative students enrolled at the campus whereas my campus does! Also a lot of the students that study at my campus don’t travel to the main campus as it’s a 45 minute drive. So on Monday morning I’m going to go into the library, open up PhotoShop/InDesign &  KeyNote and start creating blogger leaflets so that I can post them around campus and try to get more people interested, as well as in my free breaks walk around campus asking people if they would be interested in joining my society. I also need to write up my proposal and the intention of what I want my society to achieve as well as emailing the people interested all of the above details.

I will also be updating you with how my society is going so do check out ‘My Blogger Society’ category to see what we have achieved and what we are up to. I’m also really excited for my first lecture on Monday as well as I’m happy to announce that I took a media business module so watch out for an upcoming category regarding my university work. I think what I learn will be worth discussing with you guys!  

It’s time for me to get back to work because I did, I tried & I succeeded!! 


Rosa X 

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