My Productive day…

On Sunday I started to do my portfolio…



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I came  up with the conclusion that after the first page my portfolio looked rubbish, I was thinking if I’m going to be using this as a portfolio, it NEEDS to & MUST look professional, imagine if a CEO seen that… NO NO NO!! It just won’t do. I’m going to go to Paperchase and buy a small A4 Black workbook like the one in the link below.

This one will be much more practical as it’s small and I shall be using my other book for one of my work modules next year as for one of the assignments we have to do a portfolio. I’m quite happy with the information and sources of things I have that I can put into my portfolio…

I’m happy to announce that I’ve thought of an order of composition for my portfolio:
-Editorial letters
-More Issues Collected
-Their weekly schedule
-Look at how make up, fashion, hair and nails is publicized (To look at this separately for each category)
-Do’s & Don’t pages
-Men Overheard
-Choice of adverts
-Travelers Guide
-Problems posted
-Anatomy of a room
-My composition of more outfits clothes tips
-Work mates of the week & Friends of the week
-Look at the work tips
-Celebrities (Personal Fave Kim Kardashian)
**For all the above I will contrast & compare different issues into how the article can vary from week to week. 

I have great news for the tips category, looking through More I came across numerous articles of tips for students, Jobs, CVs and much more… I’m quite excited to share all with you guys!

Talk Soon

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