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After reading that employers Google their potential employees I decided to do a bit of my own detective work and Google’d myself, I could not believe how easy it was to for employers to find out so much about me without even having to put my foot in the door. If your going to be on social media and you want a job you need to be careful about what you post, it’s not that you can’t post what you want… it’s you have think whether or not what you are posting will have a consequence that could land you in trouble. I’ve watched documentaries on people who’ve got arrested because of Twitter and I’ve read articles where someone was once fired as they tweeted about their boss inappropriately.

I cleared up my social-media life, I made all of my Facebook private unless we have mutual friends I will not accept you. Sorry it’s my rule… I do however still need to go through my Facebook friends and have a bit of a clear out. I went through all my tweets and deleted any inappropriate ones and I am still considering whether or not to make my Instagram profile private….

Anyway here is Verge’s suggestion of how to survive Instagram….

surviving instagram


Published On July 8, 2013 | By Verge |

Over the next few weeks Verge will be giving our do’s and don’ts of surviving social media. Today is the first of our guidelines starting with Instagram.

The world of Instagram can be a very exciting place. You can stalk your best friend’s trip around Europe and feel as if you are there through the HD pictures of the Louvre, drool at a post of a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie, and stare longingly at Cara Delevigne’s picture of her perfectly posh outfit. Well, Verge is here to help you make the most out of your Instagram experience with some guidance on what to post and avoid posting while using this mode of social media.

 Instagram Don’t’s:

Limit selfies: As beautiful as you may be, posting a picture of your face ten times a day makes you come off as a bit of a narcissist. Try to keep the “selfies” to a bare minimum. Twice a week. Max. Instead of selfies, spread the love! If you really like your friends picture, comment and let them know!

Don’t use Instagram to meet celebrities: Its great to keep up with the A-listers by following them and expressing your fandom by liking their posts. However, do not desperately comment on their pictures begging for a follow-back. We almost guarantee they will never even read it out of the thousands of comments they receive, nonetheless follow you back.

 Anger Management: Being strong and opinionated are wonderful qualities to have, but sometimes refraining from typing a harsh message is the best way to cope with a post that brings out your inner rage. It is so easy to become a cyber bully when your phone serves the same purpose as a security blanket. Keep comments considerate and respectful and you will be able to enjoy Instagram without getting blocked by all your mates.

It’s not a popularity contest: As good as getting tons of likes feels, if it took you typing out hundreds of popular hashtags to get there, it’s not really worth it. A few hashtags are great if they are actually relevant to the picture and add to the caption. Likes are just a number. Losing your dignity…now that’s important.

It’s a caption box not a novel: Keep captions short and sweet. Instagram was created to share pictures – not to praise your boyfriend through an overly mushy and sentimental two-paragraph love poem.

Instagram do’s:

Upload pictures of yummy food: Everyone can appreciate food photography of a delicious feast. Be sure to Geo-tag your location so friends can visit the same restaurants and try the dish.

Appreciate the scenic world around you: Instagram can cause one to pay more attention to their surroundings as they are always looking for an opportunity to post! Never miss the chance to snap a picture of a beautiful sunset or an exotic flower in bloom.

Use your filters wisely: They are your best friend and are only there to make you look like an even better photographer. Keep it looking natural though – too much editing can distract from the focus of the post.

(Please note I did not write any of this, this came from the Verge Magazine website… Published on 8th July 2013 Verge’s guide to social media part 1 surviving Instagram. Do visit their website & subscribe to their online magazine @

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