Wednesday 5th February

Today I was rather annoyed  as I spent all morning working on the social media section of my project as the consistency was out of place, hopefully this afternoon will be more productive. 

On a positive note, I’ve managed to finish all my feature ideas and I’m really excited that this project has really started to come together. Compared to when I first started only 7 days ago I couldn’t imagine how much I would have improved in such a small time. I can now focus on the concepts which I find the hardest, such as completing the audience slide and getting together the editorial content. 

After lunch I had a meeting with editor 1 for some feedback and she told me to look at a pitch in this perspective as I have mentioned before I have been struggling with creating this pitch. She said that the purpose of a pitch in its simplest form is to say that the magazine is good but we can do it better. I’m currently working on the slides i dreaded the most i.e. really focusing on who the audience is and reviewing of current content, although I can proudly say I have completed my editorial ideas. 

I spent a few hours going through the slides making sure that all details were correct and F.A.C.E was applied throughout I will say that next time I do a similar project to this I’ll start off with master slides so that I don’t waste time doing it later. I felt that a bit of this project was spent wasting time such as applying F.A.C.E and the master slides this for me was a huge set back as I could have spent the time developing my ideas into more detail.

What’s really good is that recently a graduate student has started her internship within my placement and its been really good getting to know her and to see what to expect after university. I would have loved to apply for the position as I seen it on Twitter but as I am yet to graduate it was not possible. 

I am so grateful to have an insight into the publishing world especially having the opportunity of having 1 on 1’s with editors that advice me on what to do as well as ways to improve myself as a creative.

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