Expand your contacts…

I cannot express how important it is to try and follow in my footsteps such as gaining work experience and following all the tips that I advise you to do! Many people I have spoken too seem to be impressed or amazed that I have managed to do all of this…. Maybe I sound a bit cocky or in your opinion I am doing it wrong and you can do it better or maybe I could do more!


because of work experience I have become quite good friends with the receptionist who has a passion for making films and said to me that I too should pursue what I like because no one is going to hand it to you! So she makes films & I write no tells me to, I just do it! I got into blogging as an editor I work with introduced me to WordPress. I now attend blogger events in my city, where I have the chance to meet new people, interact and network with others who also blog & write. At the first blogger event that I went too, I met the PR team of my city’s shopping centre who have said to me the opportunity is there if you want to get some work experience with us! I would be a fool not to take it!! This could lead to more opportunities my only advice to you is once you’ve got your foot in the door hold onto what you can and from there you will only blossom…

I will be eternally grateful to the PA of my placement for not throwing my letter asking to come in for work experience away and instead giving me that chance. If they would have said no I would not be here today writing to an audience who I know is out there reading my words!




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Followers I need YOU!

Dear followers, 

I know that at the moment I don’t have many followers but those of you that do follow me what are your thought on this blog? 

Does the information help? I know most tips are from the More magazine but I have also wrote up tips of my own from my own experience? 

Although I update this blog in my free time I do it for 2 reasons:
1. No one told me about any of this stuff as I update the tips and more magazine category I’m learning too, also I think it’s helpful when you have so many questions that it’s all in one place…
2. I’m doing it for myself to help me in the future to make a good impression and to show I am have been determined since the start, I was thinking about it the other day and I have been studying and kept at English for the past 7 years and there is no way I’m giving up now…


Are there any issues or areas that you guys think I should include or write more about?
One area I was thinking to go a bit more into are pay checks and tax because let’s be honest the school curriculum doesn’t teach us these kind of things that are helpful to know. Such as if I was to get a mortgage I don’t know what Typical APR means I just have always seen it on the TV ad mmm… I might have a blog for this when I get to it and maybe write a letter to the government because we won’t know unless we are educated! 

Sorry went a bit off track but if you guys could comment below letting me know what you would like to see more of I would be very grateful and will do my best to provide you with the tips that you need. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Wednesday 26th June

As tired as I am, I have had the best day at placement especially as this summer is dragging a bit it’s nice to know there’s some excitement in my life and the best bit is to have something to do when I wake up, however I am enjoying the freedom of summer as I have the freedom and time to blog, read, write and build up my portfolio…

On my way to work this morning I seen one of the editors walking to work and we were discussing summer plans and the direction of how my life was going, she was saying to me that she had a degree in photography but is now an editor. I was saying to her how I want to spend this summer making something of myself and then once I graduate have a crazy summer…
I was explaining to her how all the editors I work with even the people I have become friends with really intimidate me as I see them as editors working in an important business who don’t have the time to talk to me about what their doing as they all have a job to do apart from when they are in the kitchen on their breaks…

The editor was saying to me that I need to be more confident when it comes to this and when I got in the CEO asked me to prep some water for a meeting whilst doing so in the kitchen one of the editors asked me how my summer was going and I said to her that I have been blogging, she replied that she is thinking of getting a blog and that I should send my link to her…

Personally it’s such an achievement for someone who is an editor and writes for a living is also going to be viewing my blog. I was thinking about what the editor told me that I need to be more confident as for one of the magazine that she writes for she has to interview the CEO and said if I felt intimidated by them I wouldn’t get my job done and she had a point.

I need to stop feeling a splash of panic when the CEO talks to me and start thinking she may be at the top of a work hierarchy but she too is human and it’s ok if I make a small mistake…

I looked over my list of things left by the receptionist who I’m covering for, todays tasks entailed…
– Counting Competitions
– Giving out the post
– Prep a meeting
– put the dishwasher on and empty the kitchen
– Empty dishwasher once it had finished
-Check through emails and forward any to the relevant editors
– Book meeting rooms for editors
-Frank post and send it off
– Clear away meeting room

I also introduced myself to the consigliere of the building as he’s the ‘go to guy’ for anything that goes wrong such as if the toilet is not flushing correctly etc…  in fact I had to alert him today for that same example I have just given and he said that an engineer will be in tomorrow to fix it… 

My fellow followers today I followed one of my tips ‘Practice Making Coffee’ and got the pleasure of meeting a new employee at the company due to using the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY of socialising when in the kitchen as I was clearing away tea and coffee that was made for a meeting.

Time to go home see you tomorrow…

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Tuesday 18th June

The receptionist is still off sick, so today I’m covering for her again…

Today was a routine day, Once I got in and got myself sorted I went through the must do’s of the day: 

– Check Boardroom and kitchen were tidy

 – Count competitions

– Water for meeting

– Collect & give out post

– Sign deliveries and give them out

– Answer phone calls & pass on the message

– Empty the dishwasher

– Frank & send out post

– Write up invoice for today’s work

As there hasn’t been much for me to do I have taken the opportunity to get some blogging done as well:)

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Tuesday 26th March

Today I have spent all day doing the data entry for these competitions, aside from the odd phone calls I have had to answer and assisting editors with their queries such as booking available meeting rooms for them.

Back to the comps…I’ve done about 400 I’m half way there i’m pleased to say that when the post came there was only 30 more competitions. Yay… I’ve opened and separated them into the correct categories already, lunch break is over in 5 minutes time to get back to inputting data…

little tip: take advantage of any free time to show your own initiative in my case to blog, or write… it shows your determination… 

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I wrote this post when my blog http://lifeisfunbeingme.wordpress.com/  still didnt have a focus, the post is called DETERMINATION I think it’s important to be aspiring to want to do better, to have that determination inside you to reach the best of what you possible can, as you all know I want to write and work in a publishing company below is the content of my post… 

“I’m so DETERMINED to become a writer, it’s all I want and it’s been my dream for as long as I can remember, it’s just part of me. I really do want to become a serious writer and have a really good blog, although in this world today it’s so hard:( Especially with the virtual world of writing starting to slowly disappear! 

So I’m doing all in my power to stay one step ahead of the game, having work experience in a publishing company has helped me so much, especially as it’s also helped me decide my life path…I’ve decided once finished university I want to go into publishing, the receptionist there once told me that she wanted to make films and realised that once out of university no one is going to say, ‘Make a film for me.’ She said, ‘YOU NEED to do things your self…You need to make things happen!! I thought, ‘You know she has a point’ and she suggested to make a blog. 

At the moment I’ve just started getting into it so I don’t have something I want to always write about, right now its just anything and everything but I think there’s still time so I shall wait and see what field I shall become a professional in. 

For me my friends are super important to me that I listen to all their advice I might not always take it but I do listen, however I have a friend who studies photography and she said, ‘why not start a scrap book of magazine cut outs of things you like and annotate them so that way you can build up a portfolio so I’m doing just that! I’m starting off with More Magazine, it’s just amazing, I love it! Now that would be a dream come true working there, imagine the opportunities!!! At the moment I’m on the 4th Edition I’m doing the whole year. THAT my fellow bloggers I would say is DEDICATION & DETERMINATION!

I also think I will add in bits and bobs of what I write, although I would really like to write a book but I would not want to risk writing an idea on the internet to then be taken away from me so I might just update the progress if I ever find any time to myself, as university at the moment is such a top priority the work load is awful 😦 It may be summer before I start this project or maybe throughout the nights after all I do get my inspirations then.”

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I Proved her wrong…

That career advisor I proved her wrong in so many ways, because I managed to get myself experience and best of all I did it all by myself without asking anyone for help or going to an employability center to see what connections they could point me in that had to do with publishing companies…

I also had joined the college magazine, which I have an article in and is in my portfolio folder:)

I also now have a blog, even though I started blogging 3 months ago, I’ve stuck at it and I’ve wrote tonnes and tonnes and I feel my grammar and writing style is constantly improving:)

tell me now…do I have a chance of getting somewhere with my life? 

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