Wednesday 5th March

Today is the first day of lent and this year I have decided to actually try and commit to the things I have given up this year, I’ve chosen to give up my alarm snoozes, diet coke, chocolate & cheese… my favourite things in the whole world! If you know me personally you would know that if it was possible I would actually live in a chocolate house, I think I rarely go a day without chocolate, I just cannot resist it! At my placement, for me personally it is impossible to go into work with the mindset to say, ‘I’m starting a diet and keeping to it!’ There are chocolate treats everywhere… Ahhh! Usually if its someone’s birthday or someone has something to celebrate they tend to bring in some treats, leave them in the kitchen and send an email round to say, ‘There are cake is in the kitchen, help yourself!’ How can you not resist?! 


I’m ashamed to admit but I’ve cracked already 😦

Today has been crazy…Wow, it has literally been non-stop! 

I collected the Special Delivery and Recorded post books from downstairs and made my way up to the office, once I got in I hung up my coat, tucked my bag under the desk and went straight to the kitchen to get myself a drink of water ready for when I’m answering calls. I gave the kitchen a quick tidy, filled the coffee jars, emptied and re-filled the dishwasher with dirty breakfast plates and went back to my desk to open up ICAL to see what to expect from the working day… 

Today is going to be a long one… there is so much to do… Yay, I really do think I have become a slight workaholic! I have to prep two meetings, I actually quite enjoy having to do this, making sure everything is presentable, aligned and perfect! I also remembered that I forgot to give back one of the birthday cards back to the PA so that she could post it so that our birthday wishes would arrive on time. Luckily the PA remembered and managed to post it. 

ICAL says to do a stationary order for the office and one of the editors asked me if I could order a year diary for them. I’m slightly nervous as I don’t know how to do this, I’ve never done it before…

I am bouncing off adrenaline today… 

My reception tasks today were: 
– Count competitions… Why do people enter them?! Being the one counting them, makes me not enter them anywhere just because I know how minuscule it is to be chosen as a winner there are just so many entries and because I know there will be someone like me also counting competitions. Once competitions were counted I updated the entries in the competition folder.
– Book meeting rooms
– Answer calls & pass on messages
– Hand birthday cards back to the PA
– Hand out & sign for packages

– Hand out post
– Greet visitors… however today I made a silly mistake whenever visitors come into the office the first thing I do is ask them if they would like a drink but today I gave them the wrong cup to drink from as opposed to getting the nice shiny newer glasses… presentation is key!
– Ring concierge again about a leak in one of the toilets

– Pass on any issues relating to magazine subscriptions to the relevant editor who is in charge of the magazine 
– Clear out the boarding room
– Clean up the kitchen & fill up  coffee jars again


The pace of the day has finally slowed down a bit and now have all afternoon to do some uni work, hopefully… fingers crossed!

– The PA asked me if I could sort through the paper left by the printer and send out an email asking everyone to collect what they have printed out otherwise it will have to go in the recycling.  She also said to me, ‘feel free to listen to some music whilst doing it.’  I have currently been listening to this on repeat its amazing!!!

After lunch…
– The reminder for the office order came up and as I don’t know how to do it and the PA didn’t have time to show me she said to not worry about it as it can wait
– Empty and refill dishwasher
– Frank and send out post
– Food shop, this involves me making sure there are no essentials missing from the kitchen such as tissues, coffee, tea, dishwasher tabs etc. 
– Bind some documents 
– Fill the photocopier with paper, stock up the paper cupboard and email the editor in charge of ordering paper to order more.

Last but not least… I also got the chance to do some transcribing, something which I have never done before… I love doing new things at my placements it always makes me feel so positive, the piece of audio that I had to transcribe was 10 minutes long and  in relation to mobile technology. For me it was very inspiring and interesting to listen too, as in some ways it was very similar to the talk I posted about and had some great information for my dissertation. 

Finally its home time, I cannot wait to put my feet upNope I managed to get no uni work done 😦

Yawn… see you tomorrow!

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Busy Schedule…

My life is currently crazy, I’ve been using sticky notes everywhere to help me keep on top of things you should see the state of my desk they are EVERYWHERE full of things that I need to get done… ahhhh,  I actually woke up with one in my hair:/ 

I’ve been busy editing the bloggers leaflet for my society and emailing it to the members that are currently interested to pass on the message. I’ve also been emailing back and forth the guy in charge of the university newspaper to be able to join, just in case my society doesn’t work out.

Even though today it’s Sunday it’s been no exception! I’ve still been super busy, I spent 4 hours doing my readings for tomorrows lecture’s and I was still no where near finished as I still had to do two essay plans and research for a group presentation. My life is just all over the place that if my friends want to make plans I might say, ‘Please ring me back in a year I might be able to hang out then.’ I never really believed third years when I’ve spoke to them before that they hadn’t gone out for months at a time but its because it’s true, you just don’t have the time… 

At least I achieved something today I’m up to date with all my university readings:)

Then there’s my biggest passion that I need to keep on top of too and that’s updating you guys as much as I can and still trying to find the time to write for Yuppee. I really need to take an hour tomorrow and focus purely on this as I haven’t maintained my commitment at all:(

Why aren’t there enough hours in the day?! I’m truly struggling!! I suppose this is my welcome to the adult world :/ 

The only thing that’s keeping me going at the moment is my little black diary, I don’t know what I would do without being organised, having sticky notes in my life and some sort of plan:)

See you soon


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Thursday 25th July

Today was crazy busy, sometimes I’m not that good with dealing with stress, especially lately as outside of work life is getting a bit too much:(… if I was in an interview I would use this as a weakness to discuss and that every time I come across a stressful situation I try to deal with it a bit better. When I was studying my A-levels, my photography teacher taught me a method… which is simply writing a list if I organise my thoughts and go through them one by one I calm down as I can see myself getting them done.  

As I said, as I was so busy I hardly did any competition entries today, luckily I’m in all next week and should be able to finish them all…

Today, editors were throwing me tasks left, right & centre! On top of that I had to also run reception… 

Today’s work day consisted of…

– Writing up all magazine  contacts in an excel document and divided them in columns by Forename, Surname, Email & Magazine publication they belong to

-Handed out post

-Counted competition entries that arrived today

-Prepped a meeting room but the client then cancelled

-Tidied the meeting room

-Keep the kitchen tidy

-Put on & empty the dishwasher

-Frank & send off post

-Office recycling

-The majority of today consisted of following up with this promo as I was the middle man in all of this as I had to email the competition winner to then email the editor and then email over to the supplier so it was a bit of criss cross today and will have to finish this task tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t take too long so that I can get back to the competition data entry. Doing this task and working with the editor was a bit of an eye opener for me as it kind of showed me that I really need to improve the standard of my writing. As I was given the ok to deal with this promo I emailed the competition winner and the editor was a bit annoyed as she wanted me to send her what I was going to email for approval. Everytime I emailed her a response she would email back an edited version. I think on Monday I will ask her for some writing advice as she once told me she did a photography degree and is now an editor and it would be interesting to see how adapted the transition from taking photos to simply writing. A good thing about this is that I can put it on my CV yayyy…

Last but not least, last night I went to a bloggers lounge event and met the celebrity star Lydia Bright from TOWIE. I was buzzing afterwards my adrenaline was going and I wrote loads of brainstorming ideas down as it was late when I wanted to write it all up. So I’m going to be working on those posts on my main blog from now until Sunday so do check them out on It got me thinking that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the PA at my placement as she gave me the chance to come in to do work experience and for that I owe her so much! I have never said thank you properly, I’m a bit disappointed in myself and can’t believe that it took me so long to do. However I bought her a bunch of flowers and a thank you card, it was so nice as she really liked them, it’s such a good feeling when you put a smile on someones face 🙂

See you tomorrow. 

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Tuesday 2nd April

Hi all,

Hope you’ve had a brill Easter  bank holidays are all done and now it’s back to the work world:( only 3 more days till the weekend  this morning there isn’t much for me to do as i’m not on reception cover as the receptionist is back from her holiday so i’m generally assisting, doing odd jobs and waiting for the post to come in, I’m also making sure the kitchen is always clean part of ones job. The company here like the kitchen to be kept clean and at a high standard at all times.

i’m hoping there’s 1000 more comp entries that will arrive so that at least it will keep me busy for the rest of the day.

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Thursday 28th March

Today I was super busy, didn’t even have time for a cheeky login into WordPress.

It was a kind of all hands on deck, even though ‘I’m just a receptionist’ I still have a tonne of stuff to get through by the end of the day, I like to think of us assistants as the back bone of the company.

Today me and the PA’s assistant put together a chair so that the staff could see what the new chairs in the office will look like. I then had to finish off all of the comp entries which is why I didn’t even manage to sign in to WordPress as on top of doing these competition entries I have all the usual tasks of what comes with covering reception i.e collecting the post, counting the comps, preparing meetings, making sure the printer has enough paper and of course keeping the kitchen clean.

Finally its the last working day of the week:) Let the Easter holidays begin!…

Happy Easter all 🙂



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