Monday 3rd March

Evening All,

I’m back for the week covering reception, as usual as soon as I arrived I got myself a bottle of water and got started by opening up emails & ICAL to see what to expect from today…

I know I have said it a thousands times before, but I really am 1000% grateful for my work placement,  this week in between covering receptionist, the PA has kindly said to me to, ‘feel free to bring any uni work to do in between answering calls and emails.’ This for me is a load off my shoulders because I can work whilst studying and not have to try and make time for this in the evenings too, especially being in my last year at university and can now visualise my dissertation deadline.  

I find Mondays and Fridays tend to be the same… busy, busy, busy. 

The best thing about covering reception for me is you never know what job will come your way next, I love the excitement of not knowing. Today’s reception duties consisted of:

– Answer calls
– Pass on messages
– Handing out the post
– Emptied the dishwasher
– Book meeting rooms
– Fill out an expense sheet for the commercial director and making sure it was in date order
– Sign some birthday cards, one of the things I love about the office is the organisational culture, I really  like how friendly people are here such as whenever its someone’s birthday, a birthday card is sent around the office so that everyone can sign before given to the birthday girl/boy
– Call the concierge to let him know there was a water leak in one of the toilets
– Bind some documents for a meeting tomorrow
– Fill the photocopier with paper
– Keep the kitchen tidy
– Fill up coffee jars
– Search for and print an email for the PA
– Sign for parcels and hand them out
Last but not least…
– Frank & send out the post

By 11 o’clock I finally had some spare time to do some uni work seems like I might have to factor in time to do work this evening too, this week is going to be a long one…

I also managed to grab the graphic designer when she had a spare 5 minutes to ask her if I could shadow her even just for a half hour, I feel so proud of myself when I actually embrace a gold mine of an opportunity, go for it and simply open my mouth and ask. Yayy! 

I’m not in tomorrow so I will see you on Wednesday!

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Tuesday 20th August

Today was amazing, I love going into work placement and not knowing what to expect out of the day… once I got in I waited for the PA to arrive. She then introduced me to using KeyNote. She asked me if I have ever used this software, I replied with, ‘No.’

I would like to state that I am really good with picking up on new things, I have never understood people that give up on the first obstacle. Such as KeyNote seemed similar in ways to Photoshop and InDesign, so I used my knowledge I have from them to apply it to using KeyNote. It’s all about trial and error when learning to use new software’s, it’s about familiarising yourself with where everything is before starting to use it. 

The PA explained to me how she used it so as soon as she opens KeyNote she opens up the inspector which is just the Tool box that has everything inside, followed by opening up the colour pallet and the font. 

Today’s task was to fix the business credentials PowerPoint showed to future clients. To me it’s such an achievement to know that I am going to be working on this and to know that the finished version will completed by me. 

To start off, I opened all the information all the editors passed onto the PA which she then passed on to me and pasted the information to the relevant slide and made sure that they were all up to date. After I did that it was time for lunch, I was a bit slow to start off with clicking onto the KeyNote finding the right slide pasting the information and going back onto the emails. I even learnt what A ZIP file is when attached into an email. This is when files are compressed/squashed in so that when you download it, it creates a slide with all the relevant information inside such as Word Docs, PDFs & Images.

After Lunch I started to construct the presentation, I never realised how much work it is, from now on at university I am going to put in twice as much effort as a good presentation can make all the difference to aiding you with the point that you are trying to get across.

I had to make sure that Large, medium & small images were all the same size whether it was the height or width so that the presentation had consistency throughout (see F.A.C.E below.) I made sure every picture had the same shadow density, the font had the same colour and density, every piece of text was aligned to the same X,Y co-ordinates throughout and so on. Whenever I made a mistake or seen room for improvement on a slide I then had to go to the beginning and make the same change to every slide.

I even learnt how to edit a picture (crop) on Keynote which is called ‘Mask.’ I also learnt how to fix a picture that has a transparent background by putting a white sheet underneath so when looking at the image, it’s easier to engage with. 

It’s strange but in an 8 hour working day you can learn tonnes!! I managed to pick up on Keyboard shortcut’s such as:
Apple + I = Italics
Apple, ALT + C = Copy Font Style
Apple + A = Select All
Apple, ALT + V = Paste Font Style Copied

I learnt what the concept of F.A.C.E means:
(This concept needs to be shown throughout the slides for a good presentation.)

I also learnt new terminology such as Widow Words & NB = Note Bene. Widow Words are when a paragraph is finished with one word and it’s left on it’s own whereas NB (it’s Latin) simply means To Note.

I’ll be completely honest, I felt a bit stressed when working on this presentation as I had never used this software before and I am still a work experience girl working with a company who has a certain standard that they all aim to, including me when I’m there.

I’m proud of myself that I managed to get 90% of this presentation done which to me was such an achievement as I had never used this software until 8 hours ago BUT let’s be honest after spending 7 hours straight on it I was bound to learn a lot.

See you tomorrow!

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Wednesday 24th July

Lately I have been having some personal issues leading me to be such a mess, this morning I overslept and woke up at 8:40! I had a mini heart attack just looking at the time, looking back at myself and realising I am still in my pj’s with one eye open and looking back at the time again. By this time I’m usually trying to find a parking space anyway as I was 10 minutes late I stayed an extra 10 minutes to make up the time even though I was so busy today it served me right to do so.

Hopefully this will take out some of the seriousness in always having to be about work, work & work and will make you laugh as sometimes it nice to have a laugh. As I got in late, I completely forgot to do my make up! I know.  Me, a girl. No make-up. I didn’t realise until lunchtime as I looked in the mirror and realised never been so embarrassed ahhh. 

I opened up the emails and checked what was on the agenda for the day…

Answer phones

Hand out post

Keep the kitchen tidy

Frank and send out the post

Put the dishwasher on & empty it when finished

Go and do a kitchen shop

Top up the printing cupboard but as it was full there was no need to do so

I also had to do a stationary order, but as I haven’t done one before, I’m going to leave it for the receptionist to show me so that next time I’ll know for reference

I followed up on the holiday promo but got no reply so I will re-try again tomorrow. 

Throughout the day I booked meeting rooms for the editors 

Today the PA made me feel really good about myself as yesterday before I left work I apologised again for my mistake and she told me to not worry and that I’m doing a good job. 


Of course carrying on with data entry

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More Magazine Quiz The Boss Issue 25th February 2013

More asks Bosses what they look for when hiring an employee and tips that they can advise us with…

This week: Aruna Seth, 30, from London owns her own shoe line. Visit

I’m impressed in an interview when people tell me what they want to achieve for themselves and  the company in the long-term. I also look for people who are flexible. To work here you just need to be happy working in the stock room as you are representing us at a celebrity event. 

Know exactly what you want and speak to your manager as much as you can (without being annoying) – to learn from them. Networking is so important – the more people you know, the more likely you are to open yourself up to new opportunities. 

I wish I’d known what a massive part sales would play in my company. My background is in design, so I had to learn sales skills very quickly.

My dad has taught me the importance of staying focused. It’s easy to take on lot’s of different projects at once but you need to prioritise before you move on to the next thing on your to-do list.

Having Pippa Middleton wear my shoes to the Royal Wedding was a career-defining moment!

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article ‘Spotlight on primary teaching’ in Issue 25th February 2013, I did not write this!)

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More Magazine Reader Q&A Relocating For A Job

My company’s relocating from London to Leeds. I’ve been working for them for two years and I am on a contract, but I don’t want to move. What should I do? Ola, London

Michelle says: Check your contract for a ‘mobility clause’. This will say if you have to move with the company. The clause has to be reasonable – they can’t expect you to move to a new continent at the two days’ notice. If you decide not to go, you may be entitled to redundancy, if you meet the criteria. If you do choose to move, the company isn’t obliged to give you relocation expenses, unless it’s included in your contract, so that’s worth bearing in mind. I recommend checking the small print. then talking to your manager about your options. If your workplace has a union, chat to them too. If you feel you’ve been unfairly treated, you can raise a grievance by following your company’s policy. Look at for further advice, or talk to Citizens advice (

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article  ‘Don’t become the office oversharer’ by Michelle Dewberry in Issue 11th February 2013, I did not write this!)

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Next is you need to RESEARCH

I wanted a work placement in publishing, so I went onto Google and typed in publishing companies in my area.I then researched them and looked at:

– Distance, if you get the placement how far away is it from your house?? How will you get there??

– What is the company’s focus?? For example I want to go into publishing, but there are tonnes are different types of publishing companies  i.e. story book publishers, magazine publishers, contract publishing etc. Which one was I most interested in and wanted to do?!

– Look at what department you are interested in, the publishing company where I work has 2 teams Editorial & Creative, Editorial do the writing and the content of the magazine. The creative team put the magazine together. I was always interested in the writing and in fact I always work with the Editorial team and on the odd occasion have worked with/done tasks for the creative side.

-Research the company itself…

  1. How long have they been open?
  2. Who runs the company?
  3. What products have they produced?
  4. Most companies today have Twitter & Facebook groups…it’s wise to check them out and see what they have posted
  5. Visit the company’s website and get a feel for what they do and whether it’s something that appeals to you

Once you have done your research, you can then Make Contact.

Good Luck:)

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