Thursday 6th February

As I’ve mentioned before for me my biggest challenge whilst completing this pitch was figuring out who I was writing for aside from the client. Completing the audience slide was toughest task I faced as when doing a project similar to this you cannot move forward unless you have established who your audience is. I found even harder as I had to think like someone who was 40 years older than me!

Looking back I cannot believe how much I have progressed in the last two, I’m actually really proud of myself. I started by reading the copy of one magazine which I read over 100’s of times to get inspiration and the online content over and over again in order to figure out what needed to be improved. This assignment has been very overwhelming and challenging but I really did enjoy it. I have finally finished my project ready to send off to the editors for feedback but I’m pretty sure I’ll take one more look at it tomorrow and decide to go through it and re-edit it again before I can say here you go this one is 99% perfect.

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