Monday 23rd December

Today I started a bit later as I had a hospital appointment, following that I arranged when I could interview the receptionist who has now been promoted to promotions manager for my essay. For this essay I am looking at whether as a graduate its worth grovelling in job opportunities that you may not necessarily want but they are in the industry you want to go in or applying straight for your dream job and see where it takes you. After booking the meeting room I then got back to typing up the rest of the data entries, I can’t believe it but I’ve finally done it  5700 entries later I have finished! You might remember one of my entries from the summer Friday 30th August where I discussed what happened to the data after I had typed up all the entries. Well after I had finished I had to then work out all of the percentages for the competitions that have been entered and also used that post as a reference point. I then wrote up my invoice for today’s hours before the end of the day. 

Time to finish my Christmas Shopping, have a good Christmas all.

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Thursday 19th December

I’m really excited about today as it’s the office Christmas Party, I spent all day typing up the entries up until 4:30 as that was the time for ‘Drop down tools.’ I actually cannot believe how many there are, this issue had such an excellent response rate. Following that everyone went off to get ready in time for the speech by the CEO which then lead us to go and PARTYYYY!!!

See you tomorrow!  

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Monday 5th August

Hi All, 

Today was my last day in work so I got in at 8:45 to get a head start with finishing these competitions as I have to get them done! However I did help out with handing out the post, counting the competitions that had arrived today and picking out 2 competition winners as they have now closed. 

Back to data entry… 

I can’t tell you how many times I played this over and over again to spur me on and to get it done! I even did overtime and stayed an extra hour and managed to finally finish them! Yay… 4500 competitions DONE! 

Until next time!

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