Wednesday 12th March

This morning on my way to work, I stopped off in Boots to buy some Leminsip & A-Z Vitamins due to have woken up with a cold, I know some of you may say, ‘It’s only a cold, man up!’ BUT I have a weaker immune system to others due to being diabetic so when I catch one I tend to be very ill so I’m doing all I can to tackle this. When I cover reception my job title within my placement becomes, ‘front of house’ as I am representing my placement I cannot and will not be all fluey when answering calls to clients!

Not how I really imagined my morning to be…


Once I arrived in the office I made sure all meeting rooms were tidy, filled the coffee jars, gave the kitchen a general tidy and made sure that the dishwasher was empty ready to be filled with breakfast plates… I then switched on my computer opened ICAL & emails. Today is fairly uneventful apart from having to prep a meeting room at 12 for a job interview which is good news for me as that means I can write up a lot of my dissertation up until 3 o’clock as the day is suggested to then become slightly busy. Time to get stuck with in with some uni work…

In between writing up my dissertation I had to…
– Sign & hand out parcels

– Hand out post
– Count competitions
– Book meeting rooms
– Prep meeting rooms for job interviews
– Put paper delivery away

As much as I tried my best to resist until the end of the day, I do not feel well at all even after taking 2 lemsips as well as taking A-Z vitamins and drinking a glass fresh orange juice to try and make myself feel better. I feel annoyed with myself that I had to leave and go home, I feel like I slightly let my placement down especially with leaving them without a receptionist.

I’m sorry, see you soon…

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Monday 3rd March

Evening All,

I’m back for the week covering reception, as usual as soon as I arrived I got myself a bottle of water and got started by opening up emails & ICAL to see what to expect from today…

I know I have said it a thousands times before, but I really am 1000% grateful for my work placement,  this week in between covering receptionist, the PA has kindly said to me to, ‘feel free to bring any uni work to do in between answering calls and emails.’ This for me is a load off my shoulders because I can work whilst studying and not have to try and make time for this in the evenings too, especially being in my last year at university and can now visualise my dissertation deadline.  

I find Mondays and Fridays tend to be the same… busy, busy, busy. 

The best thing about covering reception for me is you never know what job will come your way next, I love the excitement of not knowing. Today’s reception duties consisted of:

– Answer calls
– Pass on messages
– Handing out the post
– Emptied the dishwasher
– Book meeting rooms
– Fill out an expense sheet for the commercial director and making sure it was in date order
– Sign some birthday cards, one of the things I love about the office is the organisational culture, I really  like how friendly people are here such as whenever its someone’s birthday, a birthday card is sent around the office so that everyone can sign before given to the birthday girl/boy
– Call the concierge to let him know there was a water leak in one of the toilets
– Bind some documents for a meeting tomorrow
– Fill the photocopier with paper
– Keep the kitchen tidy
– Fill up coffee jars
– Search for and print an email for the PA
– Sign for parcels and hand them out
Last but not least…
– Frank & send out the post

By 11 o’clock I finally had some spare time to do some uni work seems like I might have to factor in time to do work this evening too, this week is going to be a long one…

I also managed to grab the graphic designer when she had a spare 5 minutes to ask her if I could shadow her even just for a half hour, I feel so proud of myself when I actually embrace a gold mine of an opportunity, go for it and simply open my mouth and ask. Yayy! 

I’m not in tomorrow so I will see you on Wednesday!

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Monday 19th August

Today I wasn’t due to be at placement


The receptionist called in sick, so the PA phoned me to see if I could come in last minute.

I am a believer of destiny that things happen for a reason and today I had the best day ever:)! Everything seem’s to be falling right into place and finally the wind is blowing in my direction. The world really is your oyster, there is so much for me yet to achieve but don’t worry it’s all written down and one by one I will tick it off. I got up early to take my mum to an appointment with my younger sister and if I didn’t get up early I wouldn’t have checked my phone to see the message asking to come into work. I also wouldn’t have been dressed for the day as opposed to me lounging around the house in my bright pink onesie.

As I said to my parents, ‘I’m going to work, they called me.’ My dad said to me, ‘Live your life to the fullest.’ I dunno something inside sparked me that he might be slightly proud that I seize every opportunity that I can. Do you know what that’s exactly what I’m doing, I love going to my work placement, its such an amazing place with an amazing atmosphere. I would be idiot to not want to go and gain more experience than I already have. I always come home feeling more inspired, feeling the adrenaline pumping through my veins and more excitedly wanting to do more… I get home with such a rush I can’t wait to be sharing it with you guys and telling my parents about how my day has gone.

Earlier I spoke to one of the editors who said that the general manager when looking at CV’s looks at extra things people do to get to where they want to be, I’m hoping that all of this will work in my favour.

For those of you that follow me on Twitter @rosaaversa92 you will know that I have been dying to get hold of a diary to organise my thoughts and life. I have finally got my hands on one but due to work and the unexpectedness leading life to get in the way. I suppose everything will have to be postponed till tomorrow.


Why am I so busy…. Ahhhhh. Being organised is hard work I try to stick to it but it’s that checking back that drives me crazy, that following up to see at what stage your at but as you know everything is a working progress and I will try… 

Do make sure that you read my lifestyle blog of what I get up to when I’m not at placement and this blog seems to start becoming dormant! However I do have lot’s to come to keep you guys entertained so watch this space:)

Back to the work day… 

Once I got in, I tidied the reception area as their was a meeting due to happen. I counted the competitions, finished typing up competition entries as they were not complete and sorted out another promotion for the receptionist. It was not as much work like I did last time but simply emailed the promotion people with a reply of, ‘The receptionist is away and will get back to you tomorrow.’ I also phoned  a competition winner who was ringing to find out about her competition. As the meeting room was cancelled I tidied up meeting room and cleared out the tea and coffee.

The day consisted of the following…

-I booked a taxi for an editor

-Handed out the post that was mixed in with the competitions

-Put on and emptied the dishwasher

-Filled up coffee jars

-Office recycling

-Franked and sent off post

-Made sure printer was filled with paper


-Wrote up my invoice for today’s hours…

-With the competition entries there was a competition to win some recipes I think and I realised that I had spelt it wrong and spelt recipes like this… receipes. I thought, ‘Oh god, I have to go through the whole 4600 entries and correct them all…thank god for copy and paste.’ Although it turns out it was the last 10 that I had been spelling wrong!!  Phew!

-I also did overtime today, as there is a big meeting tomorrow and they needed someone to stay and bind some documents.

-I’m also excited to  share that I’m going back to work placement tomorrow, Eeekk!! I’ll be assisting the PA with some jobs so god knows what experience i shall be gaining tomorrow…

It’s crazy I was actually hoping to write all of this at placement but I was so busy that I had no time to do it until 10:30 at night time for a shower followed by bedtime… I have to work tomorrow I have to be up at 7!!

See you tomorrow! X 

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Small Update

Hey All, 

As my last day at placement was last Monday, I’m not sure when I’ll next be there, so don’t worry this blog won’t remain DORMANT! It’s back with finishing up the tips that More Magazine have to offer us, before cutting it up and beginning my portfolio! Finally! As well as updating you with diary entries of any other work experience I shall gain, fingers crossed Eeekk!! 

Speak Soon,

Rosa X 

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Monday 5th August

Hi All, 

Today was my last day in work so I got in at 8:45 to get a head start with finishing these competitions as I have to get them done! However I did help out with handing out the post, counting the competitions that had arrived today and picking out 2 competition winners as they have now closed. 

Back to data entry… 

I can’t tell you how many times I played this over and over again to spur me on and to get it done! I even did overtime and stayed an extra hour and managed to finally finish them! Yay… 4500 competitions DONE! 

Until next time!

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Monday 22nd July

Today as well as finishing the competition entries, I’m also on reception duty which means I’m super busy as I have to do 2 jobs in 1… Once got in I made sure the office was tidy from the weekend and the kitchen too…
I filled the coffee jars, got myself my bottle of water and got stuck in with typing up the competitions, throughout the day the ‘being a receptionist tasks’ started to flow in, I…
-Booked meeting rooms throughout the day
-Franked a parcel for the CEO
-Called the concierge to let him know that one of the men’s toilet was blocked
-Handed out post to the addresses editors
-Booked taxis
-Double checked that a pre-booking for a taxi was done
-Emptied and put on a dishwasher
-Franked and sent off today’s post…
-Recycling was meant to be done today but as me and the receptionist did a big one last week there wasn’t much to recycle so I’ll leave it to pile up for Friday
with that were up too 997 competition entries written up!
See you tomorrow….  

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Tuesday 19th July

This morning I got in at half 8 and I ended up being the first one in the office, I also managed to find a parking space straight away which is always a bonus… yay!

Due to the weather being so amazing because of this heatwave, I’m also super irritated because I can’t seem to sleep at night so lack of sleep = an irritated Rosa.

Seeing as I was an hour early I might as well make myself useful and get an early start. I did the receptionist a favour by helping her out a bit and made sure the kitchen was tidy, put plates and cups away and that jars were filled with coffee, tea, sugar etc…

Although some may argue that those were pointless jobs, when I cover for the receptionist that is all I really have to do unless I’m given tasks from the editors. However as well as being the receptionist she also covers the promotion side of things so it helps her out by ticking a few extra’s off her list. 

I also counted all the competitions that were in the box as she was most likely going to ask me to do it anyway. I think it’s strange that when we read a magazine we dive into a world that isn’t ours and when we see a competition advertised that we would only think would exist in a dream we go for it! When I sort out the competitions I see entries that make that extra effort by writing it in bubble writing or sending it in a neon coloured envelope, and then I think that it doesn’t make a difference because it really is a lucky dip and the winner could be anyone because what you don’t know is that their is a girl like me working in a magazine counting them and picking 1 out to then send out a winning letter too.

Now for the real reason why I was at work today…

One of their publications has had the majority of their competitions entries sent in and it’s my job to count them… 3073 counted competition entries later I then commence the task of opening them up 1 by 1 to then write up an excel doc to input the data as it useful to  be able to view the entries and to analyse the results.

I think I managed to do about 2000 today, not bad should be able to start typing the data up on Thursday, I’m quite fast with this as I have a pretty fast method worked out :)…


See you on Thursday as I’m going to Liverpool tomorrow. Roadtrip!! 

Rosa X 

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