Friday 7th February

Today I’m back to covering reception and seriously multi-tasking as I still have to finish off my project, yesterday I printed off a copy for my own reference to take home and to look over in the evening I found many mistakes and the more I looked at my project the more I had hated what I have achieved. Today I have come in looking at my project with a pair of fresh eyes and making small tweaks that will improve my pitch. See I’m a bit of a perfectionist and I really do think that nothing is ever perfect, take the concept of the pitch it’s basically saying, ‘Hmm what you’ve done is OK but these are the mistakes we see and this is what you should do to improve it’, there really is always room for improvement a perfectionist simply never sees anything as 100% its more something is 99% complete and that 1% is left being improved… a perfectionist will always say, ‘I can do this better’

Once arrived in the office I got myself a big bottle of water, I opened up ICAL and E-mails and I’m ready to be answering phones, passing on messages, writing up remittances and tweaking my project because as I said I think nothing can be ever perfect, it can be right but it can always manage improvements! ICAL shows that today shouldn’t be busy BUT it is Friday and in the media world it means finishing up deadlines.

Covering reception today consisted me of:
– Sending out remittances – I did the funniest thing with this today usually the accountant hands me the list of expenses going out with the invoices, most invoices have an E-mail address so that we can forward them their remittance. Each invoice I send a remittance to I stamp with a paid stamp and cross it off the expenses list. Sometimes invoices may not have an E-mail address but they’ll have a contact number so I put these invoices into a separate pile to go through once I have finished the rest. I then contacted the invoices without E-mail via telephone in order to be given an email where we can forward them their remittance, only problem is the first person I called was one of our freelancers in the office and she said to me, ‘I’m in the office, I’ll come over and speak to you now.’ I had no idea it was her as I knew her by her first name only, a bit of office banter is always fun…
– Plugging in the editors movements for next week
– Franking & Sending out the post
– Emptying the dishwasher and putting in any dirty plates lying around
– Handing out the parcel
– Counting competition entries

My morning was pretty calm as all I had to do were the remittances, then before I knew it I have 3 big jobs to finish by the end of the day…Ahhhh! It was slightly annoying as well as just to top it off the computer was being really slow… I’ll be honest too I have been having some panic attacks lately and getting the opportunity to cover reception again really does help my confidence. I remember the first time I answered the phone I was terrified  as I thought to myself, ‘Do not mess this up, you are representing this company.’ I feel I have come such a long way since then but now I feel like I did the first time I did it…simply put I just need to get over myself and do it.

I’ve also finished tweaking project and spent an hour applying F.A.C.E (Font, Alignment, Consistency and Engagement) to finally be able to send a PDF format to the editors for some feedback.

The commercial manager asked me if I could update my placement clientele via File Maker Pro, I had to search for the company first to avoid duplicates in the system and if it wasn’t listed to then add new company, company sector, company website, phone address and in comments write which client magazine it was for and then add the following information name, tel, email  & job title for the contacts company. 

It’s finally home time :), even though its Flexi-Friday and I made the extra effort to get in early so that I could leave earlier due to being so tired all this week, it ended up back firing as I couldn’t finish on time due to having so much work to do.

I’m back in on Wednesday to finish inputting my placements clientele, so I will see you then…

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Friday 26th July

This morning I wrote up my invoice for this weeks hours and handed it in, I then opened emails and (ICAL) the agenda for the day…

– There was an email from one of the managers stating that he would not be in today ,so I made a note to take all messages for him and email him as he would be working from home. 

– I carried on with updating this excel contact document as well as going the competition entries

– As the promotion prize has still not been sorted I have been following up with the competition winner, however the editor that was guiding me with this task is not in today so I’m a bit nervous about dealing with it on my own but to be honest it’s quite fun at the same time to be doing something different. 

Finally I’m task free, time to get on with this data entry…

As part of the receptionist duty the following was done for the day ahead…
-Booking meeting rooms
-Hand out post
-Prep water for a meeting
-Counted competitions
-Put competitions away in relevant boxes
-Frank & send out post
-Keep the kitchen tidy
-Empty & put on the dishwasher
-De scale the kettles

Most of the afternoon consisted of me doing the competition entries apart from having the odd break with doing some of the reception duties…

Also the PA has gone home and has left me to run the phones alone, I find this a bit nerve-racking as she is my point of reference when I don’t know who to direct the call too…

I’m happy to say that this promotion has finally been dealt with and has been brought to a close, hopefully the receptionist will be pleased it’s done as I have sorted it out for her in her absence

I also got talking to a girl in the office who was on work experience here as well but hadn’t had a chance to talk to her, she was saying to me that she’s doing a degree in English but has no idea what to do after university. I said to her that it’s so important to get work experience because it can help you to decide in what direction you want you working life to go in just like it has for me.

Back to data entry competitions & with that it’s 1800 done… 2500 left… yay it’s finally the weekend…

See you on Monday! 

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Wednesday 24th July

Lately I have been having some personal issues leading me to be such a mess, this morning I overslept and woke up at 8:40! I had a mini heart attack just looking at the time, looking back at myself and realising I am still in my pj’s with one eye open and looking back at the time again. By this time I’m usually trying to find a parking space anyway as I was 10 minutes late I stayed an extra 10 minutes to make up the time even though I was so busy today it served me right to do so.

Hopefully this will take out some of the seriousness in always having to be about work, work & work and will make you laugh as sometimes it nice to have a laugh. As I got in late, I completely forgot to do my make up! I know.  Me, a girl. No make-up. I didn’t realise until lunchtime as I looked in the mirror and realised never been so embarrassed ahhh. 

I opened up the emails and checked what was on the agenda for the day…

Answer phones

Hand out post

Keep the kitchen tidy

Frank and send out the post

Put the dishwasher on & empty it when finished

Go and do a kitchen shop

Top up the printing cupboard but as it was full there was no need to do so

I also had to do a stationary order, but as I haven’t done one before, I’m going to leave it for the receptionist to show me so that next time I’ll know for reference

I followed up on the holiday promo but got no reply so I will re-try again tomorrow. 

Throughout the day I booked meeting rooms for the editors 

Today the PA made me feel really good about myself as yesterday before I left work I apologised again for my mistake and she told me to not worry and that I’m doing a good job. 


Of course carrying on with data entry

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Monday 22nd July

Today as well as finishing the competition entries, I’m also on reception duty which means I’m super busy as I have to do 2 jobs in 1… Once got in I made sure the office was tidy from the weekend and the kitchen too…
I filled the coffee jars, got myself my bottle of water and got stuck in with typing up the competitions, throughout the day the ‘being a receptionist tasks’ started to flow in, I…
-Booked meeting rooms throughout the day
-Franked a parcel for the CEO
-Called the concierge to let him know that one of the men’s toilet was blocked
-Handed out post to the addresses editors
-Booked taxis
-Double checked that a pre-booking for a taxi was done
-Emptied and put on a dishwasher
-Franked and sent off today’s post…
-Recycling was meant to be done today but as me and the receptionist did a big one last week there wasn’t much to recycle so I’ll leave it to pile up for Friday
with that were up too 997 competition entries written up!
See you tomorrow….  

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Tuesday 9th April

This morning I was 10 minutes late as I couldn’t find a parking space, it’s so annoying when that happens because then I get all under pressure and stressed out that time is ticking and I need to hurry up as I need to get to the office on time.

When I got in I informed the PA’s Assistant to let her know that I had arrived she asked me how I was feeling today, I said, ‘Fine.’ When she came over and spoke to me she said, ‘You don’t sound fine.’ Ok then be right back, time for another Beechams I  thought I sounded fine:(

Today I’m on reception duty again, it was quite hectic …


– Collected the post, there wasn’t much today

– Handed out the post

– Counted  the competitions entries

– Wrote up the competition entries

– Prepare Boardroom, we use the boardroom for the ‘Big’ meetings, this consisted of me making tea, coffee, getting some water bottles, biscuits and laying out everything in a specific way. I then waited for the catering to arrive with the lunch and then have to interupt the meeting to give it to them.

Strangest task, put wheels on a trolley that had arrived for preparation for the office move, so  it’s easier to move things around

– Finish tidying the magazine cupboard

– book taxi for editor

– Check the stationary cupboard and order stationary

– Put the dishwasher on

– Clean out the boardroom once the meeting had finished

– Get some magazine issues for the editor

– Ring the catering company we use for our meeting to receive confirmation for the order I put in yesterday for tomorrow as I was waiting for one and did not receive anything.

– Book another taxi for a editor

–  Finish doing mag room

As well as answering the phone and taking calls. 

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