Monday 16th December

This morning I got in and waited for the technician to allocate me a computer to work from for the day so that I could finish typing up the competition entries. The PA went around the office with secret Santa and asked me if I wanted to be included as well I’m so excited I now have another person to buy for. It’s quite fun as the budget is only £5 which means you have to be creative with the gift.  I’m actually so excited for the Christmas work party as its nice that I’ve been included.  

There’s only a number of certain ways that I can expand of how I wrote up entries all day so these diary entries are slightly brief. 


with that I’m on 3600 entries… See you tomorrow, I’m almost there! 

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Friday 19th July

So I’m pretty positive that this post will take less than 150 words to say what I did at placement as the majority of the day was pretty repetitive! At my work placement our working day starts at 9:30 & finishes at 5:30 however every Friday is known as Flexi Friday where if you come in at 8:30 you get to leave at 4:30 I never thought this applied to me so I have always stayed till 5:30 but it kind of does look good for me as I have stayed extra in a way…

So Today revolved around…
1 Doing my invoice for this weeks work
2 Helped the reception with the recycling
3 Of course for the rest of the day I inputted the competitions data 550 entries later, its the end of the day and it’s HOME TIME:)! Hopefully I should be finished by next week! 3000 left…

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Tuesday 19th July

This morning I got in at half 8 and I ended up being the first one in the office, I also managed to find a parking space straight away which is always a bonus… yay!

Due to the weather being so amazing because of this heatwave, I’m also super irritated because I can’t seem to sleep at night so lack of sleep = an irritated Rosa.

Seeing as I was an hour early I might as well make myself useful and get an early start. I did the receptionist a favour by helping her out a bit and made sure the kitchen was tidy, put plates and cups away and that jars were filled with coffee, tea, sugar etc…

Although some may argue that those were pointless jobs, when I cover for the receptionist that is all I really have to do unless I’m given tasks from the editors. However as well as being the receptionist she also covers the promotion side of things so it helps her out by ticking a few extra’s off her list. 

I also counted all the competitions that were in the box as she was most likely going to ask me to do it anyway. I think it’s strange that when we read a magazine we dive into a world that isn’t ours and when we see a competition advertised that we would only think would exist in a dream we go for it! When I sort out the competitions I see entries that make that extra effort by writing it in bubble writing or sending it in a neon coloured envelope, and then I think that it doesn’t make a difference because it really is a lucky dip and the winner could be anyone because what you don’t know is that their is a girl like me working in a magazine counting them and picking 1 out to then send out a winning letter too.

Now for the real reason why I was at work today…

One of their publications has had the majority of their competitions entries sent in and it’s my job to count them… 3073 counted competition entries later I then commence the task of opening them up 1 by 1 to then write up an excel doc to input the data as it useful to  be able to view the entries and to analyse the results.

I think I managed to do about 2000 today, not bad should be able to start typing the data up on Thursday, I’m quite fast with this as I have a pretty fast method worked out :)…


See you on Thursday as I’m going to Liverpool tomorrow. Roadtrip!! 

Rosa X 

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