Tuesday 30th July

As soon as I got in I got myself a drink and got onto the competition data entries straight away!


I had the task to send some magazines for an editor and to update the client list again for another editor.

I helped the receptionist with handing out the post.

I counted the new competitions that had arrived today and put them in their relevant boxes.

I had to cover the phones for a bit as the reception was out for a half hour or so

I finally got the courage to put myself out there a bit more and asked to write for a magazine and if I could do a test piece just like the CEO advised me to! 🙂

On the competitions front I did at least 700 today… yay, I’m getting there!! 

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Monday 22nd July

Today as well as finishing the competition entries, I’m also on reception duty which means I’m super busy as I have to do 2 jobs in 1… Once got in I made sure the office was tidy from the weekend and the kitchen too…
I filled the coffee jars, got myself my bottle of water and got stuck in with typing up the competitions, throughout the day the ‘being a receptionist tasks’ started to flow in, I…
-Booked meeting rooms throughout the day
-Franked a parcel for the CEO
-Called the concierge to let him know that one of the men’s toilet was blocked
-Handed out post to the addresses editors
-Booked taxis
-Double checked that a pre-booking for a taxi was done
-Emptied and put on a dishwasher
-Franked and sent off today’s post…
-Recycling was meant to be done today but as me and the receptionist did a big one last week there wasn’t much to recycle so I’ll leave it to pile up for Friday
with that were up too 997 competition entries written up!
See you tomorrow….  

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Monday 1st July

Today’s been very quiet and the days gone really fast too which is always a bonus! I also struggled a bit to find a parking space but managed to get to work just on time, seems like luck is on my side today… 

Today’s tasks consisted of…

-De scaling the other kettle 

-Hand out packages to editor

-Put meeting cups and plates away

-Check through emails for receptionist and forward any on to the relevant editors

-Count competitions entries

-Hand out post

-Put on & Empty dishwasher

-Tidy up the kitchen

-Book meeting rooms

-Had to do some binding

-Recycling at least today it’s not raining when I have to go and put it outside, I got soaked last time! 

-Frank & send off post, today one of the editors had a personal letter to send when this happens I frank the letter and then let the editor know how much it is, when I emailed the editor to let him know how much he owed he said ‘£0.47 for Austrailia??’ 

Guess my mistake… 

I assumed it was a UK letter, I then had to run downstairs go and get the letter and re-frank it, today luck was really on my side as the post man was late so I managed to send it off just on time once corrected my mistake!

-Finish the picture desk task, I never realised how much work goes into searching for a picture that goes in a magazine, you need to research a picture that has the following, (this only applies to a front cover photo as it’s the one that I am working on) Space for editorial content, picture license, copyright laws, pixelation, size of image and so on the list is endless and I thought it was like doing a Google Image search! 


Always double check anything you do! 

Yes I know the post is a bit boring I can feel it too as I’m writing it but it is what it is it’s a diary entry of work experience… 

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Tuesday 2nd April

Hi all,

Hope you’ve had a brill Easter  bank holidays are all done and now it’s back to the work world:( only 3 more days till the weekend  this morning there isn’t much for me to do as i’m not on reception cover as the receptionist is back from her holiday so i’m generally assisting, doing odd jobs and waiting for the post to come in, I’m also making sure the kitchen is always clean part of ones job. The company here like the kitchen to be kept clean and at a high standard at all times.

i’m hoping there’s 1000 more comp entries that will arrive so that at least it will keep me busy for the rest of the day.

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