Need some career inspiration? Three insiders explain what it takes to blossom as a florist…

YOUR ROUTE IN Rebecca Louise Law, 32, is a floral artist from London
‘ I did a degree in fine art, but when I worked with flowers during my final year. I realised I wanted to be a florist. Lot’s of colleges offer City & Guilds floristry courses, and McQueens ( and Judith Blacklock ( run courses that are well-respected in the industry. But I’d had enough of studying after completing my degree, so I decided to get some work experience instead. I worked for free for three years ( I was living at home at the time), helping out at a local florist during their busiest times, such as Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas. It was a brilliant experience and I got to learn the types of flowers and which colours go together. I also discovered how cold and damp it is working as florists! When I was 24, I finally got a job as a junior florist. I started out on the minimum wage doing day – to – day arrangements for weddings, funerals and bouquets. Over eight years I built up my contacts with other companies and worked for different florists. Now I’ve got my own business and I combine arranging flowers for corporate events with exhibiting my floral art installations. Last year, I did the arrangements for a press launch with perfumier Jo Malone. It took two months of planning, but the end results were stunning. Florists are meant to be the happiest workers in the UK*, and I’d have to agree.’

A DAY IN THE LIFE Amy Bowley, 29, is a florist, and divides her time between London and Dorset
‘A few days before a big event I need to collect fresh flowers, so I’m up at 3am to go to Covent Garden flower market in London. I pick up my pre-ordered blooms and fill my small transit van to the brim. Then it’s back to the studio to condition the flowers. This is a two-hour job, which involves stripping the leaves, cutting the stems and putting them in water. I spend the rest of the day sketching my designs, which are planned months in advance. If I’m working on a Saturday wedding, I’ll pick up the flowers on Wednesday and work 19 – hour days until the big day. Luckily, that doesn’t happen every week – most of my time is spent meeting clients and working on my designs. I like to feel confident they’re going to be happy with the end result.’

WHAT THE JOB AD WON’T TELL YOU Louise, 30, is a florist from Manchester
‘There are lots of great things about being a florist – you aren’t tied to an office and it can be a very creative job. But the worst part is dealing with the chauvinistic flower wholesalers. They all seem to be men and the
y’re unbelievably rude. They’ll shout at you if you want something unusual, or if you question the quality of their product – not what you need at 4am. Even though I’ve been in the business for years , they still call me, “love”, and it really annoys me. Also, if you like being toasty warm, this isn’t the job for you, because your work space has to be cold so that flowers don’t wilt. The studio where I work only has one small heater in it, so in winter it’s actually freezing. Many florists i know have actually become allergic to the flowers they work with, and they have to take antihistamines daily, Plus, your hands can get chapped and sore from being in water so much. You also need to be super-organised in this job. Messing up an order could damage your company’s reputation – and ruin somebody’s wedding. 

WHAT’S THE MOST I COULD EARN?: Managers earn about £27,000. Freelance florists working in London can earn around 
KEY QUALITIES:An eye for colour, diplomatic skills, and a willingness to work anti-social hours.
QUALIFICATIONS: Not essential, but you could do a City & Guilds, or a BTEC in Floristry

(Please Note: The information is from the More Magazine article ‘So you want to be a Florist’ in Issue 25th March 2013, I did not write this!)

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Thursday 25th July

Today was crazy busy, sometimes I’m not that good with dealing with stress, especially lately as outside of work life is getting a bit too much:(… if I was in an interview I would use this as a weakness to discuss and that every time I come across a stressful situation I try to deal with it a bit better. When I was studying my A-levels, my photography teacher taught me a method… which is simply writing a list if I organise my thoughts and go through them one by one I calm down as I can see myself getting them done.  

As I said, as I was so busy I hardly did any competition entries today, luckily I’m in all next week and should be able to finish them all…

Today, editors were throwing me tasks left, right & centre! On top of that I had to also run reception… 

Today’s work day consisted of…

– Writing up all magazine  contacts in an excel document and divided them in columns by Forename, Surname, Email & Magazine publication they belong to

-Handed out post

-Counted competition entries that arrived today

-Prepped a meeting room but the client then cancelled

-Tidied the meeting room

-Keep the kitchen tidy

-Put on & empty the dishwasher

-Frank & send off post

-Office recycling

-The majority of today consisted of following up with this promo as I was the middle man in all of this as I had to email the competition winner to then email the editor and then email over to the supplier so it was a bit of criss cross today and will have to finish this task tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t take too long so that I can get back to the competition data entry. Doing this task and working with the editor was a bit of an eye opener for me as it kind of showed me that I really need to improve the standard of my writing. As I was given the ok to deal with this promo I emailed the competition winner and the editor was a bit annoyed as she wanted me to send her what I was going to email for approval. Everytime I emailed her a response she would email back an edited version. I think on Monday I will ask her for some writing advice as she once told me she did a photography degree and is now an editor and it would be interesting to see how adapted the transition from taking photos to simply writing. A good thing about this is that I can put it on my CV yayyy…

Last but not least, last night I went to a bloggers lounge event and met the celebrity star Lydia Bright from TOWIE. I was buzzing afterwards my adrenaline was going and I wrote loads of brainstorming ideas down as it was late when I wanted to write it all up. So I’m going to be working on those posts on my main blog from now until Sunday so do check them out on It got me thinking that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the PA at my placement as she gave me the chance to come in to do work experience and for that I owe her so much! I have never said thank you properly, I’m a bit disappointed in myself and can’t believe that it took me so long to do. However I bought her a bunch of flowers and a thank you card, it was so nice as she really liked them, it’s such a good feeling when you put a smile on someones face 🙂

See you tomorrow. 

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