A harsh reality…

In my Media Business lecture on Monday instead of receiving an academic lecture we had a graduate student who graduated from our degree last academic year to tell us about her experience as a graduate so far. She described a harsh reality of the work industry and said if she were to have had work experience before going into a job, her expectation of the media industry would have been a more realistic one as opposed to a made up Hollywood one. The experience she had before that was watching TV and absorbing the media around her. 

Before my placement I used to think exactly the same as her, I’m too much of a day dreamer when it comes to the real world because I get too sucked into the happily ever after that Hollywood creates giving me and others a dream to aspire too. I used to see being a writer the best job in the world someone who meets celebrities and gets to write about them, I used to see it as glam as the film ‘How to lose a guy in 10 days.’

Then I found my placement & my perspectives changed, I hated having to be the girl who stacked away the magazines, I couldn’t wait until I got to the stage of experiencing what it was like to be at the end of the tunnel with all the other writers. The other thing I found the worst was to get used to was my expectation was wrong I had to get used to the fact that the aspects that I felt made this job the best thing in the world were wrong and I had to change them with the right ones. 

Don’t get me wrong I still see it as the best job in the world I got used to the reality of it instead of the made up Hollywood one. I started at the bottom and kept at it, I’m determined to get as far as I possibly can! Its just that my expectation was crossed by a reality of the complete opposite…


The fact IS I thought of it in terms of the consumer, being the writer is the GLAMOROUS bit because you are the one with that raw talent it’s all up in your head. It’s not in a way that most people would expect, the glamorous side to writing comes from creating the imagination and colour within an article that’s where my expectation is.

I think of it this way, you are selling someone the imagination in your head through a magazine! I could write about any subject, I’ll give you an example, let’s imagine I’m an editor and I wrote an article that the best city to go to is Paris and because I wrote it in a creative way it would encourage the reader/consumer to go for it. In terms of the article it would then be a success because I achieved its main aim, I sold my imagination of a different lifestyle to a consumer. 


I’m an aspiring writer, so I would think, ‘I wish I was the person who wrote this article.’ Forgetting that ultimately the writer is sat in an office with a blank Microsoft Word document open with no words written on and it is his job to complete the article.  

The girl said nothing new to me as I’m already achieving everything she said and I am still to graduate, she did mention that she wished she wrote a blog and I am so glad to have mine.

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You’ve been promoted from Amateur to Expert!!

My work placement is maybe the best thing that has ever happened to me, I’ve learnt so much in the world of publishing. Finally my dream that felt so far away is starting to come true little by little. Having this blog has made me realise how crucial it is to chase your dreams. I don’t sit down and wait for the opportunities to hit me in the face. I go out there and find them, I explore the options available to me. No one tells me your falling behind on your writing I know myself if I am, I try my best to write every single day and if I can’t manage it, as soon as a bit of free time comes my way… I take it! I open up WordPress and write till one eye is left open, then I know maybe I’ve taken it too far and it’s time for bed.

This is the first time in my life where I’ve finally found the passion within myself and have committed to maintaining this blog.  Writing has now surfaced to be a huge part of me and always will. I don’t think just having a blog is enough to get me to be a writer…I need to do more! There is always ALWAYS room for improvement!  The world really is a big place and I have so much more to achieve before I can look back on all of this to know, ‘Yep I did all that I can.’

Future updates to look out for:
Next month university starts and instead of looking forward to freshers although I am excited for it, I’m more determined and focused on how much writing I can squeeze in over the next 10 months. i am determined to create a bloggers society, how good would President of Bloggers Society look on my CV. I need 5 people interested to start it off, so I’m currently on the search for other people like me:)

I have joined the website yuppee.com that is made for amateur writers like me, I’m so excited as I am going to be writing for them once every 2 weeks. However due to their terms and condition anything I write for them will not be posted on here so be sure to check it out and don’t worry I’ll be sure to update you whenever I have written an article for them.

Again thanks to my placement I have met the PR team of my city’s shopping centre, the first event I went to was for a fashion bloggers lounge. I now get invited to the events organised by them and they are amazing I get to meet new people interact with others who have the same interests. I usally blog the events so do check out the category EVENTS.

Another website which I have discovered called vergemagazine.co.uk  also offers experiences and tips on careers, dream jobs and student life. It’s perfect to use as a starting point for the direction your life should go.

So start chasing your dreams, they won’t come and get you…

Rosa X

Also posted in http://lifeisfunbeingme.wordpress.com/