Thursday 25th July

Today was crazy busy, sometimes I’m not that good with dealing with stress, especially lately as outside of work life is getting a bit too much:(… if I was in an interview I would use this as a weakness to discuss and that every time I come across a stressful situation I try to deal with it a bit better. When I was studying my A-levels, my photography teacher taught me a method… which is simply writing a list if I organise my thoughts and go through them one by one I calm down as I can see myself getting them done.  

As I said, as I was so busy I hardly did any competition entries today, luckily I’m in all next week and should be able to finish them all…

Today, editors were throwing me tasks left, right & centre! On top of that I had to also run reception… 

Today’s work day consisted of…

– Writing up all magazine  contacts in an excel document and divided them in columns by Forename, Surname, Email & Magazine publication they belong to

-Handed out post

-Counted competition entries that arrived today

-Prepped a meeting room but the client then cancelled

-Tidied the meeting room

-Keep the kitchen tidy

-Put on & empty the dishwasher

-Frank & send off post

-Office recycling

-The majority of today consisted of following up with this promo as I was the middle man in all of this as I had to email the competition winner to then email the editor and then email over to the supplier so it was a bit of criss cross today and will have to finish this task tomorrow. Hopefully it won’t take too long so that I can get back to the competition data entry. Doing this task and working with the editor was a bit of an eye opener for me as it kind of showed me that I really need to improve the standard of my writing. As I was given the ok to deal with this promo I emailed the competition winner and the editor was a bit annoyed as she wanted me to send her what I was going to email for approval. Everytime I emailed her a response she would email back an edited version. I think on Monday I will ask her for some writing advice as she once told me she did a photography degree and is now an editor and it would be interesting to see how adapted the transition from taking photos to simply writing. A good thing about this is that I can put it on my CV yayyy…

Last but not least, last night I went to a bloggers lounge event and met the celebrity star Lydia Bright from TOWIE. I was buzzing afterwards my adrenaline was going and I wrote loads of brainstorming ideas down as it was late when I wanted to write it all up. So I’m going to be working on those posts on my main blog from now until Sunday so do check them out on It got me thinking that none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the PA at my placement as she gave me the chance to come in to do work experience and for that I owe her so much! I have never said thank you properly, I’m a bit disappointed in myself and can’t believe that it took me so long to do. However I bought her a bunch of flowers and a thank you card, it was so nice as she really liked them, it’s such a good feeling when you put a smile on someones face 🙂

See you tomorrow. 

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Monday 22nd July

Today as well as finishing the competition entries, I’m also on reception duty which means I’m super busy as I have to do 2 jobs in 1… Once got in I made sure the office was tidy from the weekend and the kitchen too…
I filled the coffee jars, got myself my bottle of water and got stuck in with typing up the competitions, throughout the day the ‘being a receptionist tasks’ started to flow in, I…
-Booked meeting rooms throughout the day
-Franked a parcel for the CEO
-Called the concierge to let him know that one of the men’s toilet was blocked
-Handed out post to the addresses editors
-Booked taxis
-Double checked that a pre-booking for a taxi was done
-Emptied and put on a dishwasher
-Franked and sent off today’s post…
-Recycling was meant to be done today but as me and the receptionist did a big one last week there wasn’t much to recycle so I’ll leave it to pile up for Friday
with that were up too 997 competition entries written up!
See you tomorrow….  

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Monday 1st July

Today’s been very quiet and the days gone really fast too which is always a bonus! I also struggled a bit to find a parking space but managed to get to work just on time, seems like luck is on my side today… 

Today’s tasks consisted of…

-De scaling the other kettle 

-Hand out packages to editor

-Put meeting cups and plates away

-Check through emails for receptionist and forward any on to the relevant editors

-Count competitions entries

-Hand out post

-Put on & Empty dishwasher

-Tidy up the kitchen

-Book meeting rooms

-Had to do some binding

-Recycling at least today it’s not raining when I have to go and put it outside, I got soaked last time! 

-Frank & send off post, today one of the editors had a personal letter to send when this happens I frank the letter and then let the editor know how much it is, when I emailed the editor to let him know how much he owed he said ‘£0.47 for Austrailia??’ 

Guess my mistake… 

I assumed it was a UK letter, I then had to run downstairs go and get the letter and re-frank it, today luck was really on my side as the post man was late so I managed to send it off just on time once corrected my mistake!

-Finish the picture desk task, I never realised how much work goes into searching for a picture that goes in a magazine, you need to research a picture that has the following, (this only applies to a front cover photo as it’s the one that I am working on) Space for editorial content, picture license, copyright laws, pixelation, size of image and so on the list is endless and I thought it was like doing a Google Image search! 


Always double check anything you do! 

Yes I know the post is a bit boring I can feel it too as I’m writing it but it is what it is it’s a diary entry of work experience… 

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Friday 12th April


Today i’m back on reception cover I’m not even a regular employer and even I’m feeling the stress of the office move partly cause I’m given a million tasks by the assistants to box everything up as well as doing all reception duties.

Usually I don’t mind covering reception. Today is a different story, I’m feeling quite stressed about it, my to do list is huge…

To do:

– Remittance Advice for the finance department

– Box up reception

– Collect the post

– Hand out the post

– Finish the magazine cupboard although that won’t be completed until Monday as I’m waiting on more magazine racks to arrive.

– Count competitions

– Input comp data entries

– Answer/take phone calls

-Request editors movements for next week

– De scale the kettle

– Maintain the kitchen clean

– Frank & send out post

– unknown tasks requested by editors through out the day such as book taxis for them, book meeting rooms etc. 

last but not least

– Put on & empty dishwasher

I really want to cry, I just don’t have the energy for today… 8hours to go, the countdown till the end of the day begins now and it’s only just gone 9:30…

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Wednesday 10th April

I’m hoping today that i’m not on reception cover and that the receptionist is in as I really want to get ahead and finish this magazine cupboard, I’m kind of excited because the difference is amazing and it looks so tidy. Although at the moment I feel like the magazine cupboard is my office.

Also I prefer it when I’m in for general assisting as I don’t know what kind of tasks will be thrown at me and it keeps the day different and interesting.

I’m also slightly annoyed today as I asked my sister to charge my I-pod and  when I went to grab it this morning I noticed she put it in the I-pod dock and she didn’t turn on the plug so it didn’t charge 😦 so I’m possbily stuck in a cupboard all day without something distracting my mind 😦

In the end today’s tasks ended up being minimal as the receptionist was in yayyy 🙂

– I had to go out and buy sweetner, as the CEO wanted some and she didn’t like the one Available

– I completed the competitions entries that arrived

– handed out post to the addressed people 


– In and out of those Jobs I was in the magazine cupboard for most of the day. 

Fun, Fun, Fun

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Tuesday 9th April

This morning I was 10 minutes late as I couldn’t find a parking space, it’s so annoying when that happens because then I get all under pressure and stressed out that time is ticking and I need to hurry up as I need to get to the office on time.

When I got in I informed the PA’s Assistant to let her know that I had arrived she asked me how I was feeling today, I said, ‘Fine.’ When she came over and spoke to me she said, ‘You don’t sound fine.’ Ok then be right back, time for another Beechams I  thought I sounded fine:(

Today I’m on reception duty again, it was quite hectic …


– Collected the post, there wasn’t much today

– Handed out the post

– Counted  the competitions entries

– Wrote up the competition entries

– Prepare Boardroom, we use the boardroom for the ‘Big’ meetings, this consisted of me making tea, coffee, getting some water bottles, biscuits and laying out everything in a specific way. I then waited for the catering to arrive with the lunch and then have to interupt the meeting to give it to them.

Strangest task, put wheels on a trolley that had arrived for preparation for the office move, so  it’s easier to move things around

– Finish tidying the magazine cupboard

– book taxi for editor

– Check the stationary cupboard and order stationary

– Put the dishwasher on

– Clean out the boardroom once the meeting had finished

– Get some magazine issues for the editor

– Ring the catering company we use for our meeting to receive confirmation for the order I put in yesterday for tomorrow as I was waiting for one and did not receive anything.

– Book another taxi for a editor

–  Finish doing mag room

As well as answering the phone and taking calls. 

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Friday 5th April

This morning I snoozed my alarm so many times that I didn’t get up till Quarter to 9, miraculously I was only 10 minutes late but made up my time by staying 10 minutes later…It was one of those sleeps where you go to bed feeling fine and wake up with a DAMN cold urghh just what I need…

There’s not much to say about today, I spent all day in cupboard again finishing the magazine cupboard, I only wish I took a picture of what it looked like to start off with so I could show you how messy it was. It nice as well because I had my I-pod in all day it gave me the illusion time was going a bit faster. 

Before my lunch break the receptionist came and called me and asked me to go and buy some limes and sweetener as I forgot to buy it when I went and did the kitchen shop. The limes were for all the editors as there were plenty of Corona’s in the kitchen.

Before the day ended I wrote out my invoice for my hours this week and handed it in, finally the day has ended and it’s home time baby!

Also This always amuses me… I’m fined d d, I feel like her right about now… 

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