Tuesday 11th March

Morning All,

On my way into the office I collected the post books from downstairs and once I arrived in the office I was informed to buy dishwasher tabs… I emptied the dishwasher and made sure the kitchen was clean, then got myself a bottle of water, changed the setting of the phone to my reception desk and got stuck in with opening ICAL and emails luckily there’s not much to do today… 

In between answering the phones and being ready to drop everything for whatever the editors need…

– I finished updating everyone’s movements for the week on ICAL
– Sign and hand out parcels
– Hand out the post
– Count competition entries
– Book a taxi for an editor
– Prep a meeting for the management team
– Clear out meeting room
– Book meeting rooms 

Finally I can do some dissertation, hopefully I can get a lot of university work done yay… I do really need to get this done!

In the afternoon…
– The PA asked me if I could count some money for her, I feel almost privileged that they ask me to do so as I think it shows trust to trust someone with money
– Put on the dishwasher and empty it
– Frank and send out the post

As the PA has kindly said feel free to bring in university work whilst covering reception I have been working on my dissertation and I’m so happy to proudly admit in a day I have reached the 1000 word bench mark only 9000 more to go… ahhh

See you tomorrow… 

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Wednesday 24th July

Lately I have been having some personal issues leading me to be such a mess, this morning I overslept and woke up at 8:40! I had a mini heart attack just looking at the time, looking back at myself and realising I am still in my pj’s with one eye open and looking back at the time again. By this time I’m usually trying to find a parking space anyway as I was 10 minutes late I stayed an extra 10 minutes to make up the time even though I was so busy today it served me right to do so.

Hopefully this will take out some of the seriousness in always having to be about work, work & work and will make you laugh as sometimes it nice to have a laugh. As I got in late, I completely forgot to do my make up! I know.  Me, a girl. No make-up. I didn’t realise until lunchtime as I looked in the mirror and realised never been so embarrassed ahhh. 

I opened up the emails and checked what was on the agenda for the day…

Answer phones

Hand out post

Keep the kitchen tidy

Frank and send out the post

Put the dishwasher on & empty it when finished

Go and do a kitchen shop

Top up the printing cupboard but as it was full there was no need to do so

I also had to do a stationary order, but as I haven’t done one before, I’m going to leave it for the receptionist to show me so that next time I’ll know for reference

I followed up on the holiday promo but got no reply so I will re-try again tomorrow. 

Throughout the day I booked meeting rooms for the editors 

Today the PA made me feel really good about myself as yesterday before I left work I apologised again for my mistake and she told me to not worry and that I’m doing a good job. 


Of course carrying on with data entry

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