Monday 3rd March

Evening All,

I’m back for the week covering reception, as usual as soon as I arrived I got myself a bottle of water and got started by opening up emails & ICAL to see what to expect from today…

I know I have said it a thousands times before, but I really am 1000% grateful for my work placement,  this week in between covering receptionist, the PA has kindly said to me to, ‘feel free to bring any uni work to do in between answering calls and emails.’ This for me is a load off my shoulders because I can work whilst studying and not have to try and make time for this in the evenings too, especially being in my last year at university and can now visualise my dissertation deadline.  

I find Mondays and Fridays tend to be the same… busy, busy, busy. 

The best thing about covering reception for me is you never know what job will come your way next, I love the excitement of not knowing. Today’s reception duties consisted of:

– Answer calls
– Pass on messages
– Handing out the post
– Emptied the dishwasher
– Book meeting rooms
– Fill out an expense sheet for the commercial director and making sure it was in date order
– Sign some birthday cards, one of the things I love about the office is the organisational culture, I really  like how friendly people are here such as whenever its someone’s birthday, a birthday card is sent around the office so that everyone can sign before given to the birthday girl/boy
– Call the concierge to let him know there was a water leak in one of the toilets
– Bind some documents for a meeting tomorrow
– Fill the photocopier with paper
– Keep the kitchen tidy
– Fill up coffee jars
– Search for and print an email for the PA
– Sign for parcels and hand them out
Last but not least…
– Frank & send out the post

By 11 o’clock I finally had some spare time to do some uni work seems like I might have to factor in time to do work this evening too, this week is going to be a long one…

I also managed to grab the graphic designer when she had a spare 5 minutes to ask her if I could shadow her even just for a half hour, I feel so proud of myself when I actually embrace a gold mine of an opportunity, go for it and simply open my mouth and ask. Yayy! 

I’m not in tomorrow so I will see you on Wednesday!

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Wednesday 12th February

Once I was allocated which computer I was going to be working on I then opened the files I needed to complete today’s task. Following on from Friday I am finishing to input the company’s contacts into their database via FileMakerPro, for those of who have just stumbled onto my blog you will see my tiny rant at how time consuming I find this software, it’s a bit like when you first use a mac and notice there isn’t a right click button or when you first use Photoshop and realise you have to click on the layer you need and then on the arrow to be able to complete the action you need…

Anyway, I’m about half way through before carrying on with today’s task I called over the commercial manager so that she could spend 5 minutes going over what I need to do so that I can make a checklist for my own personal use when inputting the data. For every contact I had to write their Name, Sex, Phone No, Email & Job Title whereas for each company I had to write the name of the company, Sector, Website, Phone No, Address and in the comments write which client magazine it was for. 

Today my lunch break was slightly different as it was broken up by going to the pub as it was one of the editors birthday, I really do enjoy speaking to the editors out of the working environment. As I got into the hang of using FileMakerPro rather quickly I finished my task with an hour and 20 minutes to spare, so the promotions manager asked me if I could count the competitions for her. I’ve also found a new soundtrack that I listen to when doing uni work and when in my placement it helps me relax and concentrate… have a listen yourself 🙂   

For my project which is what I been working on over the past month I have to create another blog solely for university purpose and in our guidelines we have we need to upload up our CV. Now I have always had trouble with this as I expect most of you guys may have too, I find it hard because every potential employer has a different idea of what makes a good CV anyway I have asked the PA if we could spend an hour or so going over my CV, what better than asking a professional for guidance. 

I also asked one of the editors that was overlooking what I have done for my project for some feedback and they said to me what I had achieved was good and I am so proud of myself for that, the more I concentrated on my project the more I began to dislike what I had achieved as I could see plenty of improvements that could have been made. However the editor said to me that I could have added a concluding slide but I was missing budget and what my placement as a company do which was out of my knowledge so she said, ‘Think of it as a sandwich you have completed the middle bit of the pitch.’

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Friday 29th November

I actually remembered that Friday is Flexi Friday and I actually got in with a half hour to spare meaning I got to leave half an hour earlier. There’s not much to say about today as I pretty much sat at my desk all day with my headphones in occasionally getting a drink of water and typed up competition entries.

The PA also asked me if I could work a further extra week to help out with a few other bits and bobs and to have enough time to complete all of the competition entries.  Although I’m juggling university as well, working gives me the pressure, scare tactic to use my time wisely and do some studying every day.

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Wednesday 27th November

This morning I woke up very excited to go to my placement  as I haven’t been there for a few months now, I love going to work I actually couldn’t wait to be back there…

Today consisted of typing up the competition entries, the PA left them ready for me to be able to type them up straight away as they were already counted and all the envelopes had been opened. This magazine is doing really well as their response rate constantly increases before they would receive just over 2000 entries, now risen to about 5000…  

I’m also taking a Media Business module at university where we are currently studying about organisational culture, put simply it means looking at the kind of atmosphere within an industry. I was thinking about the sort of organisational culture that I work in and I would say its the best! Personally because its friendly, everyone gets on with each other but everyone also works hard at their job and everyone knows their roles. At the end of it to me that’s the perfect recipe for success… working together in a team. 

It was nice to also catch up with everyone as I’ve not been in the office for a while to see how everyone was what they were working on and anyway 500 competition later its the end of the day and its time to go home 🙂

Oh and before I forget… 

The PA also asked me if I’m free and able to come in for a few extra days to package Christmas client gifts.  I only helped them do this last year but I expect its a tradition they do every year. However the PA was really impressed with the way I packaged up all the gifts this is thanks to my parents as they own a mail order company so I’ve picked up the skills from there from when I help them from time to time. Today it’s beneficial to be able to have many different skills, don’t get me wrong it’s good to be focused in one area but to also be able to expand from that… 

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Friday 30th August

As usual no two days are the same at my work placement, I got in and completely forgot it was flexi Friday so at home I was taking my time this morning in terms of getting ready. As the PA was slightly late I helped out the receptionist with some errands to use time wisely I filled up the coffee jars, counted the competitions and put the magazines away in the magazine cupboard.

Today task was seeing what happens with all the data that I worked on when typing up all those competition entries a few weeks ago. It was quite exciting for me because it feels like next time I can fully finish the job. What happens is I type up the competition entries by writing the person’s name, their house number and postcode, followed by their magazine subscription number and filling in which competitions they answer. When the document is finally finished, the next step is to open Key Note…

Once Key Note is opened, I started with the usual steps of opening up the inspector, colour pallet and font. I then, (with the help of the PA assisting me and showing me how to do it as it was my first time doing this assignment.) started to compose the presentation of what the stats revealed from the competition entries to then show the client of the magazine. What I had to do with the Excel document was calculate the % of how many entered what competition. Below is a diagram of one I have made up to show you the process of what I learnt…

Table 1 Friday 30th August

To calculate the amount of people who entered a competition is you have to use a sum called COUNTIF as shown in the diagram below…

Table 2 Friday 30th August

What you do is choose a cell where you want the sum to by totaled (as seen above) click = enter =COUNTIF(Click cell where the first entry is:Cell where the last entry is,”Word you want counted” Then click Enter and it will calculate it for you


A quick way to add them all up to see how many people entered which competition simply highlight and drag to the last column as shown below and let go and it will have calculated the formula for each column.

Table 3 Friday 30th AugustHowever once you have let go it the rest of the columns will look like this…

Table 4 Friday 30th August

This is because the formula is not calculating the right column, such as in my first diagram it is still counting for the word dog. To change this simply click on the cell and change the word “Dog” to the correct word i.e the next column for it to count how many people preferred “Cats” instead.

Table 5 Friday 30th August

Once you have done this you are then ready to calculate the percentage for the whole competition. To calculate the percentage…
Firstly, where you can see the Total in the diagram you need to add up all of the totals in a separate cell to do this you need to click = in a cell & add all of the cells up. Make sure to include the plus sign in between each cell number as shown below…

Table 6 Friday 30th August

Secondly, you then need to make a row for where you percentages will go, then start dividing the answer with the total of entries that there were such as in my example the formula will be =B14/I14 (Note: / means dividing in Excel) do the same for each column remember to have to substitute the first part of the equation only such as C14, D14 etc… 

Table 8 Friday 30th August

Once you have done that you will notice that all the numbers have been worked out as decimals, as shown below….

Table 9 Friday 30th August

To convert them into percentages:
-Click onto the decimal cell
-Right click
-Click Format
-Click Number
-Click Percentage 
-Decimal places 0
-Click Ok

Table 10 Friday 30th August

Once you have done this you will then have all the data you need to then start converting into tables for the Key Note document. 

One thing that you need to be careful with is sometimes when you put in a formula you may see the words but the formula might not pick them up this is because if you have wrote the word “Cat ” and put in the formula to search for “Cat” the search won’t pick it up so what you need to do to fix this is to click Apple + F  The following will come up…

Friday 30th August Find & Replace

Click on the Replace tab and find the word “Cat ” & replace with “Cat”. When recalculating the formula it will then calculate it correctly. 

Another tip, the PA taught me to put in colour the different sums that you have to calculate so it’s easier for you to read when looking back for the answer. A tip that the PA taught me is to put the $ sign in between the the letter & number of the cell and you will find that it doesn’t make the cell move.

After I had calculated the % of how many people preferred which competition to enter, I then made a slide on Key Note remembering to apply F.A.C.E (Font, Alignment  Consistency & Engagement) (I’m not able to show you the steps for Key Note as I don’t have it installed on my computer) for each competition and made a table so that for the client it’s visually easier to see the differences in percentages.

Today was packed with learning about how to make more use of Excel, I learnt some more keyboard short cuts such as….
Apple + F = Find
$ = It doesn’t make the cell move
E = Sum   = Sigma/Sum

What I find is sometimes I reflect over what I did at placement and I am so grateful for the PA asking me to come in and do something which could take someone who has more experience and knows what there doing 30 minutes whereas it takes me a whole working day, yet she still assists me if I’m stuck or don’t understand something at all to pause her busy working day and help me through it. 

The PA also said to me it would be useful if I made a Word document of the experience I have with them so that for them it’s handy to know what I can and can’t do so I’m going to be working on that. I now won’t be posting until after the 12th September as i’m going on holiday on the 3rd Eeeekkk

See you soon. X

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Thursday 22nd August

Today I was only in for half a day, as I had some family stuff to do in the morning. Once I got into the office, I finished collecting the updates from the editors so that I could update the keynote document. I must have gone over this document a million times, to make sure it was perfect.

After making sure the font colour was the same colour, I did the same with the dimensions of the images and that everything was aligned. Once I did that the PA suggested to print out the document and to look at it in from a hard copy form as sometimes you pick up on details that you don’t see in the screen. Some of the slides I rearranged the composition as I didn’t like the way it looked as it appeared to make the slide look messy.

This week has been really good for me in the sense that I have learnt something new and can add something extra onto my CV. By using keynote I learnt the importance of F.A.C.E Font, Alignment, Consistency, Engagement when making a presentation. This week really tested my knowledge on everything that I have learnt in media at college & university. I think I dealt with this week very professionally especially as I had never used this software before and put to use everything I had learnt about media language. I am proud of myself to say that the PA was happy and impressed with the work that I had done and hopefully I will be able to use keynote a lot more. I am definitely going to be using this software a lot more next year at university for assignments that requires presenting your work in front of the class.

I then wrote out my invoice for this weeks hours, I’m also very excited as next week I will be working with another magazine… eeekkk even more experience as well as doing something different. See you then! 

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Tuesday 20th August

Today was amazing, I love going into work placement and not knowing what to expect out of the day… once I got in I waited for the PA to arrive. She then introduced me to using KeyNote. She asked me if I have ever used this software, I replied with, ‘No.’

I would like to state that I am really good with picking up on new things, I have never understood people that give up on the first obstacle. Such as KeyNote seemed similar in ways to Photoshop and InDesign, so I used my knowledge I have from them to apply it to using KeyNote. It’s all about trial and error when learning to use new software’s, it’s about familiarising yourself with where everything is before starting to use it. 

The PA explained to me how she used it so as soon as she opens KeyNote she opens up the inspector which is just the Tool box that has everything inside, followed by opening up the colour pallet and the font. 

Today’s task was to fix the business credentials PowerPoint showed to future clients. To me it’s such an achievement to know that I am going to be working on this and to know that the finished version will completed by me. 

To start off, I opened all the information all the editors passed onto the PA which she then passed on to me and pasted the information to the relevant slide and made sure that they were all up to date. After I did that it was time for lunch, I was a bit slow to start off with clicking onto the KeyNote finding the right slide pasting the information and going back onto the emails. I even learnt what A ZIP file is when attached into an email. This is when files are compressed/squashed in so that when you download it, it creates a slide with all the relevant information inside such as Word Docs, PDFs & Images.

After Lunch I started to construct the presentation, I never realised how much work it is, from now on at university I am going to put in twice as much effort as a good presentation can make all the difference to aiding you with the point that you are trying to get across.

I had to make sure that Large, medium & small images were all the same size whether it was the height or width so that the presentation had consistency throughout (see F.A.C.E below.) I made sure every picture had the same shadow density, the font had the same colour and density, every piece of text was aligned to the same X,Y co-ordinates throughout and so on. Whenever I made a mistake or seen room for improvement on a slide I then had to go to the beginning and make the same change to every slide.

I even learnt how to edit a picture (crop) on Keynote which is called ‘Mask.’ I also learnt how to fix a picture that has a transparent background by putting a white sheet underneath so when looking at the image, it’s easier to engage with. 

It’s strange but in an 8 hour working day you can learn tonnes!! I managed to pick up on Keyboard shortcut’s such as:
Apple + I = Italics
Apple, ALT + C = Copy Font Style
Apple + A = Select All
Apple, ALT + V = Paste Font Style Copied

I learnt what the concept of F.A.C.E means:
(This concept needs to be shown throughout the slides for a good presentation.)

I also learnt new terminology such as Widow Words & NB = Note Bene. Widow Words are when a paragraph is finished with one word and it’s left on it’s own whereas NB (it’s Latin) simply means To Note.

I’ll be completely honest, I felt a bit stressed when working on this presentation as I had never used this software before and I am still a work experience girl working with a company who has a certain standard that they all aim to, including me when I’m there.

I’m proud of myself that I managed to get 90% of this presentation done which to me was such an achievement as I had never used this software until 8 hours ago BUT let’s be honest after spending 7 hours straight on it I was bound to learn a lot.

See you tomorrow!

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