Monday 29th July

Today was such a good day…

I Got in, had a catch up with the receptionist as she is now back for the week and I am back onto competition data entry, however it took me 10 minutes to open the document as the computer I was using converted it to numbers! I hate this programme, its so slow! 

Today I went for it, if you don’t ask you will never get! I seen the editor who I was working with for the promotion whilst she had a spare minute and asked her for feedback about my writing as although I thought the emails were good she always updated them with tweeks before confirming to me that they were ok to send. Because she tweeked them, this time it didn’t discourage me, in fact it encouraged me to understand where I was going wrong. One thing she did say was as I dealt with it by myself on Friday, she said to handover a conclusion to her so that she knew at what stage the promotion was at so I sent her an email with the updates. (On my part it was stupid not to think of this or even see that common knowledge would say to do this) She said that writing professionally just comes with practice but she did say to perhaps think of taking a creative writing seminar course although expensive, it would look incredibly good on my CV. As the PA would maybe know any contacts with this she said she would look into it for me and also gave me a very good website as a starting point within my city, which I will check out! 

I aspire to reach the top of work hierarchy like my CEO at my placement and today I finally got my chance to ask her about how she got to where she is. I see her as being the ultimate student as, as soon as she finished university she got a job straight away and said to  me as I’m interested in the editorial side of the magazine to ask the editors to do a try out piece. This would be such an achievement for me if I write it and they were to like it! 

Extra Tasks:

I helped with handing out post as the receptionist was busy due to catching up on her emails etc 

I had to re-print a document for the finance director which involved scanning it, printing it,  binding it and emailing it over as a PDF.

I also emailed the PA my holiday dates in which I won’t be available during September as I’m going on holiday… yay!

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Friday 26th July

This morning I wrote up my invoice for this weeks hours and handed it in, I then opened emails and (ICAL) the agenda for the day…

– There was an email from one of the managers stating that he would not be in today ,so I made a note to take all messages for him and email him as he would be working from home. 

– I carried on with updating this excel contact document as well as going the competition entries

– As the promotion prize has still not been sorted I have been following up with the competition winner, however the editor that was guiding me with this task is not in today so I’m a bit nervous about dealing with it on my own but to be honest it’s quite fun at the same time to be doing something different. 

Finally I’m task free, time to get on with this data entry…

As part of the receptionist duty the following was done for the day ahead…
-Booking meeting rooms
-Hand out post
-Prep water for a meeting
-Counted competitions
-Put competitions away in relevant boxes
-Frank & send out post
-Keep the kitchen tidy
-Empty & put on the dishwasher
-De scale the kettles

Most of the afternoon consisted of me doing the competition entries apart from having the odd break with doing some of the reception duties…

Also the PA has gone home and has left me to run the phones alone, I find this a bit nerve-racking as she is my point of reference when I don’t know who to direct the call too…

I’m happy to say that this promotion has finally been dealt with and has been brought to a close, hopefully the receptionist will be pleased it’s done as I have sorted it out for her in her absence

I also got talking to a girl in the office who was on work experience here as well but hadn’t had a chance to talk to her, she was saying to me that she’s doing a degree in English but has no idea what to do after university. I said to her that it’s so important to get work experience because it can help you to decide in what direction you want you working life to go in just like it has for me.

Back to data entry competitions & with that it’s 1800 done… 2500 left… yay it’s finally the weekend…

See you on Monday! 

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Tuesday 23rd July

I am exhausted today from the massive thunderstorm that our city had it’s pretty safe to say that the city as a whole probably felt sleep deprived…


I filled the coffee jars and made sure kitchen was tidy

Opened emails

Answered the phones

Book meeting rooms throughout the day

Put the Dishwasher on & emptied it when it finished.

Franked and sent off the post

I also counted all the competitions that have come in since Thursday as I just wanted to get this data entry underway I couldn’t be bothered to stop and count all the other competition entries but as they were starting to mount up again, I organised them into the correct folders and counted what had come in. This issue has such a good response almost 4000 entries although its good for the magazine, it just means more work for me yay… more experience!

Today one of the editors also asked me to sort out a promotion for her regarding a competition winner who has won a 4 day trip abroad. I have never done this before so it’s always nice to be able to do something different now & again. However due to the editors dropping me tasks now and again and having to do the reception duties as well. It slows me down with inputting the competition entries as instead of typing about 600 a day it tends to be halved. The competitions also need to be typed correctly such as where Caps are needed…

Punctuation makes all the difference!

Slightly downhill…

I didn’t get told off but it was more of a next time be more vigilant as what I did I let some people view the office without asking any of the managers if that was ok. As grateful as I am for this placement with each bit of more responsibility I get I tend to forget I don’t have the authority to delegate some things! The phrase, ‘With great power, comes great responsibility.’ comes to mind.  

Whenever I make mistakes I tend to panic & become really disappointed in myself but I have realised that I need to overcome this fear as it’s really starting to get me down that I cannot control my anxiety! 

Its crazy how much I have to write about in a days work, imagine if I actually had a job title like editor I don’t think I could update daily with the masses that their is to do…


Last but not least I carried on with getting through these competitions entries…

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