Wednesday 12th February

Once I was allocated which computer I was going to be working on I then opened the files I needed to complete today’s task. Following on from Friday I am finishing to input the company’s contacts into their database via FileMakerPro, for those of who have just stumbled onto my blog you will see my tiny rant at how time consuming I find this software, it’s a bit like when you first use a mac and notice there isn’t a right click button or when you first use Photoshop and realise you have to click on the layer you need and then on the arrow to be able to complete the action you need…

Anyway, I’m about half way through before carrying on with today’s task I called over the commercial manager so that she could spend 5 minutes going over what I need to do so that I can make a checklist for my own personal use when inputting the data. For every contact I had to write their Name, Sex, Phone No, Email & Job Title whereas for each company I had to write the name of the company, Sector, Website, Phone No, Address and in the comments write which client magazine it was for. 

Today my lunch break was slightly different as it was broken up by going to the pub as it was one of the editors birthday, I really do enjoy speaking to the editors out of the working environment. As I got into the hang of using FileMakerPro rather quickly I finished my task with an hour and 20 minutes to spare, so the promotions manager asked me if I could count the competitions for her. I’ve also found a new soundtrack that I listen to when doing uni work and when in my placement it helps me relax and concentrate… have a listen yourself 🙂   

For my project which is what I been working on over the past month I have to create another blog solely for university purpose and in our guidelines we have we need to upload up our CV. Now I have always had trouble with this as I expect most of you guys may have too, I find it hard because every potential employer has a different idea of what makes a good CV anyway I have asked the PA if we could spend an hour or so going over my CV, what better than asking a professional for guidance. 

I also asked one of the editors that was overlooking what I have done for my project for some feedback and they said to me what I had achieved was good and I am so proud of myself for that, the more I concentrated on my project the more I began to dislike what I had achieved as I could see plenty of improvements that could have been made. However the editor said to me that I could have added a concluding slide but I was missing budget and what my placement as a company do which was out of my knowledge so she said, ‘Think of it as a sandwich you have completed the middle bit of the pitch.’

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Thursday 1st August

As its the away day no one is in the office so I thought I would do the tasks left for me to do from the receptionist and finance department. Once done those I can then crack on with these competition entires although their is not much to do today as no ones in apart from

– Remittance advice

– Frank letters ready to send

– Send off post

– Office recycling

– Put the dishwasher on although as i’m the only person in along with a freelancer I doubt that this has to be put on to wash one plate it can wait till tomorrow… you know let’s save the world!

– See if there is anything missing from the stationary cupboard so that the reception can order it tomorrow

– Look out for promotion email replies for the reception of which if any agree, to ring her and let her know by leaving a  voicemail that they have answered her query

– Start working on the test pieces, I am absolutely terrified of writing these as this is my big chance to show them that I should be here and that I will be a writer! I’m going to start with getting a copy of the magazine issues and read through them so that I can get a feel for the writing as I dont have much knowledge on the companies themselves! I then will crack on with each exercise I have 4 hours to write about 6 articles wish me luck I’ll let you know how I got on tomorrow!

OK I lied there is lots to do, oh and count the competitions that arrive today, hand out the post & leave the receptionist a note of all that I did today to update her – I took my editors advice! See I feel I am progressing as I learn all the time!

phewww the day is over…

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Wednesday 31st July

As soon as I arrived once again I got myself my water and threw myself straight into working mode as I have so much data entry left to do… 

The CEO asked me to buy her some pretend medals today when I had the time as tomorrow the office is going on an away day which I imagine is where they build up on team working exercises and similar things like that. As I am just a work experience girl I am not going therefore I am covering the phones for the day. I barely had a lunch break as none of the shops near the office sold fake medals so I had to walk into the centre and try a fancy dress shop, luckily they had them!

Back to comps if I have no more distractions I should get loads done today! 


I’m a work experience girl so the following task was given to do… 

-Kitchen Shop

At the end of the day I then went over tomorrow’s schedule with the PA as I’ll be one of the employees in the office along with one of the freelancers. I’m so glad that the PA said I can park in the garage which means I don’t have to stress with looking for a car parking space in the morning! Yay :)! 

I’m finally in the 3000’s with the data entry, I never thought I would see this day come…. 1000 left! 

I would like to mention that I am feeling incredibly happy with my work placement, it’s such a fantastic place! I’m feeling really positive as I’ve really got out there and asked editors to be involved a bit more. Part of the reason is that I’ve been able to join in with a bit of the office banter as well as I’m not sat in the reception area which is a bit secluded from the rest of the office making the day that bit more enjoyable! 

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Tuesday 30th July

As soon as I got in I got myself a drink and got onto the competition data entries straight away!


I had the task to send some magazines for an editor and to update the client list again for another editor.

I helped the receptionist with handing out the post.

I counted the new competitions that had arrived today and put them in their relevant boxes.

I had to cover the phones for a bit as the reception was out for a half hour or so

I finally got the courage to put myself out there a bit more and asked to write for a magazine and if I could do a test piece just like the CEO advised me to! 🙂

On the competitions front I did at least 700 today… yay, I’m getting there!! 

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But I’m not a cleaner…

I think it’s normal to feel this way at a work placement as you don’t know the industry to start off with. So of course their going to make up jobs that need doing, but are not a priority. However as they have an extra pair of hands these jobs can be done.

I remember when I first started I used to have to stack and tidy away loads of magazines and I would think to myself I want to be writing in them, not stacking them.

One day, I will be looking back and will be saying this to someone working for me and I will be able to use the phrase, ‘I was young once too and I had to start from the bottom just like you.’


– Remember that you are at a work placement gaining experience, naturally they are not going to be giving you a full time job with your own work schedule to get done everyday.

– Stick at it those that give up straight away because they do not like being told what to do or hate the tasks they are set will not get very far (in my opinion.)

– Make dull tasks fun in your own way

– Use this to your advantage by observing those around you, look at the things that they do. Make notes so that you can start to gain a much deeper understanding of the industry around you. 

Most importantly:
– Don’t be offended if you feel like a cleaner

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