Monday 29th July

Today was such a good day…

I Got in, had a catch up with the receptionist as she is now back for the week and I am back onto competition data entry, however it took me 10 minutes to open the document as the computer I was using converted it to numbers! I hate this programme, its so slow! 

Today I went for it, if you don’t ask you will never get! I seen the editor who I was working with for the promotion whilst she had a spare minute and asked her for feedback about my writing as although I thought the emails were good she always updated them with tweeks before confirming to me that they were ok to send. Because she tweeked them, this time it didn’t discourage me, in fact it encouraged me to understand where I was going wrong. One thing she did say was as I dealt with it by myself on Friday, she said to handover a conclusion to her so that she knew at what stage the promotion was at so I sent her an email with the updates. (On my part it was stupid not to think of this or even see that common knowledge would say to do this) She said that writing professionally just comes with practice but she did say to perhaps think of taking a creative writing seminar course although expensive, it would look incredibly good on my CV. As the PA would maybe know any contacts with this she said she would look into it for me and also gave me a very good website as a starting point within my city, which I will check out! 

I aspire to reach the top of work hierarchy like my CEO at my placement and today I finally got my chance to ask her about how she got to where she is. I see her as being the ultimate student as, as soon as she finished university she got a job straight away and said to  me as I’m interested in the editorial side of the magazine to ask the editors to do a try out piece. This would be such an achievement for me if I write it and they were to like it! 

Extra Tasks:

I helped with handing out post as the receptionist was busy due to catching up on her emails etc 

I had to re-print a document for the finance director which involved scanning it, printing it,  binding it and emailing it over as a PDF.

I also emailed the PA my holiday dates in which I won’t be available during September as I’m going on holiday… yay!

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Tuesday 19th July

This morning I got in at half 8 and I ended up being the first one in the office, I also managed to find a parking space straight away which is always a bonus… yay!

Due to the weather being so amazing because of this heatwave, I’m also super irritated because I can’t seem to sleep at night so lack of sleep = an irritated Rosa.

Seeing as I was an hour early I might as well make myself useful and get an early start. I did the receptionist a favour by helping her out a bit and made sure the kitchen was tidy, put plates and cups away and that jars were filled with coffee, tea, sugar etc…

Although some may argue that those were pointless jobs, when I cover for the receptionist that is all I really have to do unless I’m given tasks from the editors. However as well as being the receptionist she also covers the promotion side of things so it helps her out by ticking a few extra’s off her list. 

I also counted all the competitions that were in the box as she was most likely going to ask me to do it anyway. I think it’s strange that when we read a magazine we dive into a world that isn’t ours and when we see a competition advertised that we would only think would exist in a dream we go for it! When I sort out the competitions I see entries that make that extra effort by writing it in bubble writing or sending it in a neon coloured envelope, and then I think that it doesn’t make a difference because it really is a lucky dip and the winner could be anyone because what you don’t know is that their is a girl like me working in a magazine counting them and picking 1 out to then send out a winning letter too.

Now for the real reason why I was at work today…

One of their publications has had the majority of their competitions entries sent in and it’s my job to count them… 3073 counted competition entries later I then commence the task of opening them up 1 by 1 to then write up an excel doc to input the data as it useful to  be able to view the entries and to analyse the results.

I think I managed to do about 2000 today, not bad should be able to start typing the data up on Thursday, I’m quite fast with this as I have a pretty fast method worked out :)…


See you on Thursday as I’m going to Liverpool tomorrow. Roadtrip!! 

Rosa X 

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Monday 1st July

Today’s been very quiet and the days gone really fast too which is always a bonus! I also struggled a bit to find a parking space but managed to get to work just on time, seems like luck is on my side today… 

Today’s tasks consisted of…

-De scaling the other kettle 

-Hand out packages to editor

-Put meeting cups and plates away

-Check through emails for receptionist and forward any on to the relevant editors

-Count competitions entries

-Hand out post

-Put on & Empty dishwasher

-Tidy up the kitchen

-Book meeting rooms

-Had to do some binding

-Recycling at least today it’s not raining when I have to go and put it outside, I got soaked last time! 

-Frank & send off post, today one of the editors had a personal letter to send when this happens I frank the letter and then let the editor know how much it is, when I emailed the editor to let him know how much he owed he said ‘£0.47 for Austrailia??’ 

Guess my mistake… 

I assumed it was a UK letter, I then had to run downstairs go and get the letter and re-frank it, today luck was really on my side as the post man was late so I managed to send it off just on time once corrected my mistake!

-Finish the picture desk task, I never realised how much work goes into searching for a picture that goes in a magazine, you need to research a picture that has the following, (this only applies to a front cover photo as it’s the one that I am working on) Space for editorial content, picture license, copyright laws, pixelation, size of image and so on the list is endless and I thought it was like doing a Google Image search! 


Always double check anything you do! 

Yes I know the post is a bit boring I can feel it too as I’m writing it but it is what it is it’s a diary entry of work experience… 

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Thursday 27th June

Today really dragged, probably because I was so tired I couldn’t wait to get back home, it’s such a struggle for me to get up in the mornings as being a typical student I’ve got myself in such a bad routine that I cannot fall asleep before 1AM and what makes it worse is if I need to be up at 7 or before, I’m then exhausted hence today, although I would like to point out that if I do have to get up early, I will do it and get on with my day regardless… 

Today was quite a quiet day, there wasn’t much for me to do apart from obviously answering the phones…

Once I had arrived in the office, I got myself a water as you know I don’t drink tea or coffee and got stuck in with my role of being the receptionist for the day, today’s tasks were:

-handing out the post

-counting competitions

-Put some magazines away

-Signed a delivery for an editor

– Put on the dishwasher

-Empty the dishwasher

-Went to Sainsbury’s for tommorrow’s  meeting

-Frank and sent out the post

-Did the Recycling in the office 

Today was particularly good as the picture desk manager was free and was able to show me what she does on a daily basis, it was quite interesting to see how the creative side contribute to a magazine. I then had the opportunity of joining in with researching a picture for an upcoming issue and if my choices were good enough she would then put them forward for the chance to perhaps be chosen for the front cover of that issue.

Finding out what the picture desk do also helped me define what kind of area I want to go into when writing my dissertation for next year, we were simply discussing keywords when searching pictures, I had the mindset of going into the concept of Hashtagging but by simply discussing it, I sort of clicked on and it inspired me as I am really passionate about this!

Yayyy at least I can start writing it now or even just coming up with a title… 

Although I need to check if I passed second year:/ my login at the moment wont work for some reason but I’m pretty confident that  I did, the provisional scores were all a pass so fingers crossed! I’ll keep you updated….

Time for bed, this vile weather is making me feel depressed… Yawn!

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Tuesday 18th June

The receptionist is still off sick, so today I’m covering for her again…

Today was a routine day, Once I got in and got myself sorted I went through the must do’s of the day: 

– Check Boardroom and kitchen were tidy

 – Count competitions

– Water for meeting

– Collect & give out post

– Sign deliveries and give them out

– Answer phone calls & pass on the message

– Empty the dishwasher

– Frank & send out post

– Write up invoice for today’s work

As there hasn’t been much for me to do I have taken the opportunity to get some blogging done as well:)

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Friday 12th April


Today i’m back on reception cover I’m not even a regular employer and even I’m feeling the stress of the office move partly cause I’m given a million tasks by the assistants to box everything up as well as doing all reception duties.

Usually I don’t mind covering reception. Today is a different story, I’m feeling quite stressed about it, my to do list is huge…

To do:

– Remittance Advice for the finance department

– Box up reception

– Collect the post

– Hand out the post

– Finish the magazine cupboard although that won’t be completed until Monday as I’m waiting on more magazine racks to arrive.

– Count competitions

– Input comp data entries

– Answer/take phone calls

-Request editors movements for next week

– De scale the kettle

– Maintain the kitchen clean

– Frank & send out post

– unknown tasks requested by editors through out the day such as book taxis for them, book meeting rooms etc. 

last but not least

– Put on & empty dishwasher

I really want to cry, I just don’t have the energy for today… 8hours to go, the countdown till the end of the day begins now and it’s only just gone 9:30…

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Wednesday 10th April

I’m hoping today that i’m not on reception cover and that the receptionist is in as I really want to get ahead and finish this magazine cupboard, I’m kind of excited because the difference is amazing and it looks so tidy. Although at the moment I feel like the magazine cupboard is my office.

Also I prefer it when I’m in for general assisting as I don’t know what kind of tasks will be thrown at me and it keeps the day different and interesting.

I’m also slightly annoyed today as I asked my sister to charge my I-pod and  when I went to grab it this morning I noticed she put it in the I-pod dock and she didn’t turn on the plug so it didn’t charge 😦 so I’m possbily stuck in a cupboard all day without something distracting my mind 😦

In the end today’s tasks ended up being minimal as the receptionist was in yayyy 🙂

– I had to go out and buy sweetner, as the CEO wanted some and she didn’t like the one Available

– I completed the competitions entries that arrived

– handed out post to the addressed people 


– In and out of those Jobs I was in the magazine cupboard for most of the day. 

Fun, Fun, Fun

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