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Hey guys,

From my previous post, ‘Brand Yourself’, looking through my lecture notes & my teacher’s PowerPoint, there were some very useful links that were referenced at the bottom of some of the slides…

Check them out they’re really good and really useful for people like us trying to get into the media industry…

I have also updated them onto the useful links page


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Hey All,

I’m super excited to announce that I shall be joining the team of 500 writers for where I shall be writing an article once a fortnight. Be sure to check it out regularly and search for my name (Rosa Aversa) in the meet the team section to find out what I’ve been writing about. I’ve been brainstorming already and have lot’s of ideas!!!

Love Rosa X 

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Next is you need to RESEARCH

I wanted a work placement in publishing, so I went onto Google and typed in publishing companies in my area.I then researched them and looked at:

– Distance, if you get the placement how far away is it from your house?? How will you get there??

– What is the company’s focus?? For example I want to go into publishing, but there are tonnes are different types of publishing companies  i.e. story book publishers, magazine publishers, contract publishing etc. Which one was I most interested in and wanted to do?!

– Look at what department you are interested in, the publishing company where I work has 2 teams Editorial & Creative, Editorial do the writing and the content of the magazine. The creative team put the magazine together. I was always interested in the writing and in fact I always work with the Editorial team and on the odd occasion have worked with/done tasks for the creative side.

-Research the company itself…

  1. How long have they been open?
  2. Who runs the company?
  3. What products have they produced?
  4. Most companies today have Twitter & Facebook groups…it’s wise to check them out and see what they have posted
  5. Visit the company’s website and get a feel for what they do and whether it’s something that appeals to you

Once you have done your research, you can then Make Contact.

Good Luck:)

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