Hey Guys, 

Finally the other night I got enough inspiration to write my first article and send it off to Yuppee & as a consequence for those who follow me on Twitter you will have noticed a change on my bio Eeekkk I prefer this one much more :)!! 


The link to my article is below, check it out let me know what you think yippeeee 🙂


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Hey All,

I’m super excited to announce that I shall be joining the team of 500 writers for http://www.yuppee.com/ where I shall be writing an article once a fortnight. Be sure to check it out regularly and search for my name (Rosa Aversa) in the meet the team section to find out what I’ve been writing about. I’ve been brainstorming already and have lot’s of ideas!!!

Love Rosa X 

Also posted in http://lifeisfunbeingme.wordpress.com/