20 Distinctions between a Follower and a Disengaged Employee



There are so many endless articles about leadership development and excellence, but what about the follower? Without a strong group of followers a leader has nothing. There are major difference between disengaged employees and followers. Followers show up daily and support the vision of the enterprise, while disengaged employees might choose to show up solely for a paycheck. This article is a tribute to followers, and a pulse-check for leaders who forget that followers make a choice each day to support their vision. Here are the 20 Distinctions between a Follower and a disengaged Employee:

20 Distinctions between a Follower and a disengaged Employee

Disengaged Employees


Figures out what they can get away with.

Learns how to maximize downtime.

Avoids networking with team members.

Understands a team is crucial to success.

Questions to vent frustration.

Questions to challenge and gain understanding.

Redirects opportunities and avoids ownership.

Owns opportunities and improves…

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8 Engaging Phrases to use when Meeting Someone in Business



Often our first interaction when meeting someone can be their last impression of you for quite some time. I personally used to struggle when meeting peers and leaders because I would ask very basic questions that would end in awkwardness for both of us. It’s important to know that initial conversations with most people can be challenging, but if you can help control the conversation you will make the introduction a positive one. Try some of these 8 Engaging Phrases to use when Meeting Someone in Business:

  1. Tell me about your history with (company) and what got you to your current role.
  2. What all is working well in your department?
  3. What do you hope to accomplish in your career over the next 5 years?
  4. What are you and your team focused on over the next few months?
  5. What kind of opportunities are you facing currently in your (store, department, region etc.)?

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